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Oasis Sublimation, Wholesale Sublimated Clothing Manufacturers in USA, Canada & Australia

We, Oasis Sublimation, are one of the leading manufacturers and supplies of high quality, fully sublimated custom apparel and accessories in bulk at wholesale prices. We provide corporate houses, school and sports teams an opportunity to put their stamp on every piece of garment that they order through the use of the exciting medium of sublimation.

We Manufacture a Wide Range of Sublimated Clothing and Accessories in USA

We at Oasis Sublimation work with a highly experienced and expert team of designers and have access to cutting-edge technology that puts us in a favorable position to offer an extensive selection of sublimated clothing that are one-of-a-kind. We design and manufacture basketball to football jerseys, school uniforms, shorts, tees, jackets and all other types of sublimated items. Our products and services maintain a high standard of quality and we offer our superior quality products in bulk at economical prices. Our range of manufactured garments using dye sublimation technique extends to suit virtually any kind of requirement.

With Custom Options, We Can Make Your Design Dreams Become a Reality

We understand that dye-sublimation printing technique offers endless design opportunities and hence, we do not wish to restrict your creative flow. Our sublimation clothing and accessories can be fully personalized to meet your individualized preferences and specifications. Just give us a call to discuss your unique wholesale requirements and we will design it exactly according to your needs.

We Deliver 100% Quality Sublimated Clothing in USA, Canada, Australia and Abroad

We, Oasis Sublimation, have our headquarters in USA but we serve the competitive global markets in Canada and Australia as well. So, no matter where you are, if you need sublimation products in bulk, just remember us.
Call us if you need any more information on how we might be able to help you!