What Does Sublimated Mean  In Clothing?

The term "sublimated" in reference to clothing describes a particular printing procedure that uses heat and pressure to transfer ink onto fabric. Four important aspects of clothing sublimation are listed as follows:

Full-Color Prints: Sublimation enables the printing of complicated, full-color graphics in high-quality. It is particularly well-liked for personalised shirts, activewear, and sportswear.

Durability: Sublimated designs are more resistant to fading and cracking than conventional screen printing since the ink becomes a part of the fabric.

Breathability: Sublimated prints do not leave behind a heavy coating on the fabric, maintaining its comfort and breathability.

In conclusion, sublimation is a flexible printing method that makes it possible to create vibrant and long-lasting designs on garments, making it a popular option for customised sportswear and other fashion products.

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