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1 Quote, 1 Sublimated Shirt and 5 Ways to Wear it

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  • July 22, 2017

Sublimation has really changed the world. The world of fashion, not the world in general. Enthusiasts have caught on with the idea of having different prints and patterns printed on to clothes that do not fade and are quite permanent. So what happens when the fashion forward, rule breaker millennial decide to catch on with the sublimation trend in their own way? Revolution mixed with humor and copious amounts of sarcasm. Having a quote on your t-shirt reflect your mood is the latest trend in the circuit, and here is an ode to it.

The quotes can be…

Nothing can be better than using a witty quote on your t-shirt. Something that catches the eye of the onlookers immediately. There has been a recent trend where sublimation enthusiasts are using the opportunity to print bold slogans and quotes on their t-shirts. Now, if you are a movie or a TV buff, you surely would have at least a few funny lines in your head. Looking at the likes of Chandler Bing, Dr House, Sherlock, Jerry Seinfeld and a bunch of other comedians on SNL, you will never really fall short of inspiration. Need some more. Here is a list you can definitely refer to.

  • “These pretzels are making me thirsty.” – Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld
  • “I am glad he is single, cause I am gonna climb that like a tree.”- Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids
  • “I am not good with advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” – Chandler Bing from Friends
  • “Thank you very little.”- Caddyshack
  • “If I wanted to kill myself, I would climb your ego and jump into your IQ!” – Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock (2010)

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These are only a few examples for your reference. For more, you can look up Google (really helpful). Or maybe start watching movies! (Super helpful).

And the 5 ways to wear the outfit can be shortly summarized as…

Now once you have settled on the quotes, ensure to dye sublimate it on your t-shirt. But then how do you wear it? Here is again a list of style tips that will guide you to wear your sublimated shirts in the smartest and stylish way possible.

For a casual gathering, you can team your sublimation tee with a pair of slim fit jeans and plimsolls in white. Since simplicity is the key to win hearts, skip on those extra accessories establishment and just go like it.

Wearing a slogan tee to the workplace can be tricky. But you can still pass the clothing decorum if you have the right pieces to go with it. So pick that sarcastic fashion piece and team it with a tailored pair of chinos. Loafers and an unstructured blazer will balance out the smart with casual, making you look like the eye candy. *Just kidding*

When going to a party, you are automatically expected to dress up. So use your imagination at its best. A pair of well-fit jeans and ankle length boots will give you a nifty approach. For accessories, well, please skip them. A bomber jacket will be a fine addition to the ensemble.

A sublimated slogan t-shirt serves as a great pick when you are going for an errand run. All you need to do is match it with a nice pair of pajamas (not the Hello Kitty ones!) and sneakers to look classier even when you are supposed to look like a hobo.

And when you are on a holiday (yaiyeeee), team your tee with a nice pair of knee-length shorts in a solid color and loafers in tan preferably). Shades and a straw hat will help you catch on with the holiday vibe.

Thus, make the most of your sublimation slogan t-shirt this season. The process of sublimation allows you to make the most of it. Insert your ideas and resonate a stronger personal style statement.

Retailers who are looking to make a purchase of sublimation clothing can take a look at the vast variety of the same available with reputed manufacturers. Registering online can help secure discounts as well.

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