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    Jerseys are what makes a team and sports people and enthusiasts all over the world like to put them on to participate or in show of support. However, it is the best jerseys that really bring a team together – and everything from its make to its feel should be top notch. If you are a retailer of fitness clothing and looking for the top manufacturers of sublimated jersey, then you are in the right place!

    Oasis Sublimation is one of the top manufacturers of sublimation clothing in the United States and brings a catalog in the business that is good enough to leave all of its competition behind. We have come a long way in the last decade and are now revered as one of the best – something that we have worked very hard to achieve. Find out everything we have to offer today –

    Our sublimation jerseys are manufactured for top quality

    Oasis Sublimation understands the importance of quality and you will always find that in our different product categories. Be it as a sublimated hockey jersey or sublimated football jerseys manufacturers, we aim no place less than the top. That is one of the main reasons why at Oasis Sublimation you will find the finest manufacturing units imaginable for the production of sublimated clothing.

    We do not just aim for higher bulk orders, we believe in working for it. Oasis Sublimation has a crew of employees in each of its units that is trained to perfection before handling the products. On the other hand, our design team gives in every bit of their creativity to make sure that the products are of top quality and fabric blend.

    All of this combined with our prices and low MOQs, fast delivery systems, and an ever increasing catalog – makes us the right recipe for sublimated jersey manufacturing success.

    We have an inventive catalog of sublimation jerseys

    “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

    And that is exactly what we follow for our sublimated jerseys catalog. At Oasis Sublimation, we have made sure that our inventory hosts all kinds of variants, from sublimation basketball jersey to sublimated baseball jerseys, and sublimated hockey jerseys to name a few. Each of these designs are carefully put together to make sure that they are functional and bring the right kind of flavor for the team on the field.

    At Oasis Sublimation, our design team works day and night to make the colors pop out and the trends to set. We believe that a catalog with no invention and no zeal to get in the front lines will always fall short of the retailers and customers fancy, and that is why we are always adding new things to our inventory.

    In the long run, we want to bring the best of everything to our collection, so that your retail sublimated jersey dreams are realized here.

    Try our custom sublimation jersey collection today

    If you have always thought of becoming more creative about how you bulk order your dye sublimation jerseys, then at Oasis Sublimation, you shall find provisions for that too. All you have to do is send us your sublimation design ideas for jerseys, with your trend readings and influences, and our designers are going to transform that into the best jerseys for you.

    So, the next time when you get your bulk orders delivered by Oasis Sublimation, you will finally be able to realize the art that was always inside of you. Not just that, here are some of the other advantages that you will reap the benefits of if you get our custom made sublimated jersey –

    1. Your collections will always be unique from your competitors and will represent your vision of the products – something that is likely to strike a chord with your customers.
    2. You can follow the latest trends in sports magazines and inspire your designs from there – which will associate with your clients better.
    3. You can get creative and make the designs you have always wanted to – to find out how they work.

    And these 3 are just to name a few – once you get our custom dye sublimated jerseys on your retail racks, you will realize many more benefits.

    Go private label with Oasis Sublimation

    At Oasis Sublimation, we also have one of the most elusive private label catalogs for retailers and entrepreneurs who are willing to try their hand at designer sublimated jersey collections. Our private label is also intensive and packed with from sublimated fishing jerseys and sublimated football jerseys to sublimated lacrosse jerseys and sublimated jerseys hockey.

    Each of these designs will be unique and you can even get your hands on our bulk blank clothing to implement your own designs from our custom department. From printing your private design logo to coming up with the best graphic jersey prints, with Oasis Sublimation, everything is possible!

    Become a distributor

    Want to open your own distribution business? Well, if you are impressed with everything that we have to offer at Oasis Sublimation, then we are more than ready to welcome you on board. As a manufacturer of sublimated jerseys, we are looking for distributors who have a similar zeal and willing to work and grow with us – as partners.

    Just fill up the form below and wait for our customer care executive to get back to you and guide you through the whole acquisition process. Once you are on board, you can have your pick from our catalogs and represent us to others! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry now!


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