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16 Tips to Help You Buy The Best Sublimation Polo T-shirts

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  • May 9, 2016

Have you ever wondered why even after so many years polo shirts still dominates the fashion industry? Or why every so often a top celebrity hit outdoors in these old-school tops and become ‘the talk’ on fashion magazines? Well the answer is quite simple- even after all these days, these polo tees still very well holds their charm in the market. And the big credit for that goes to the top manufacturers who have kept their magic alive with new and fresh varieties. The latest in the market is the sublimation polo t-shirts.

Wholesale Polo Shirt

Monochromatic Sublimation Polo Shirt

Sublimation polo shirt- the new ‘it’ in the market

Polo t-shirts are the evergreen wears, while dye sublimation print is the new buzz in the clothing industry. What do you get when you combine them? The very best, of course! Sublimation polo shirt is trending in the fashion scene today, with their demands touching skies. This has made them the no-brainer for small businesses to bulk up in their warehouse.

sublimated polo shirt

Colorful striped sublimated Polo Tee for Men

So you just buy their wholesale?

Yes, sublimation polo tees are in red-hot demand today. But that doesn’t mean your customers would buy any or every variety of them. In fact there is a host of factors that you need to consider when purchasing your bulk to ensure you have the best varieties at hand that are more likely to sell.

Sublimation Polo Shirt

White & Grey Sublimation Polo Shirt

1. Do your research on good manufacturers and buy only from a top one.
2. Have decent market knowledge, as to what’s trending in the market.
3. Be perceptive of what type of polo t-shirts are celebrities wearing.
4. Ask directly to your customers what varieties would they like, if you don’t know their preferences already.
5. Stick with standard varieties available with the top manufacturers. Their collections are always updated that mirror the current market trends and demands.
6. Avoid customizing your bulk, unless you really know what your customers want.
7. They are sublimation wears; they are supposed to be colorful. So pick colorful varieties.
8. But don’t go overboard and pick polo t-shirts that sports more than four colors combos either; unless your customers are clowns.
9. Segment your customers into different categories; like people who like simple and standard wears, people who prefer bold varieties, and so forth.
10. Then purchase your sublimation polo shirts according to your different consumers’ categories.
11. These polo tees are recognized and hailed more for their looks. But this doesn’t mean consumers don’t prioritize quality as much.
12. So ensure the quality of your wholesale is top notch and that they offer high comfort value.
13. They must be made using dri-fitted fabrics, since people are probably going to wear them during summer and spring.
14. Also, prioritize how strong the fabric material is. Consumers are spending on these sublimation polo tees a bit more comparatively. So the top must be adept to last long.

sublimated hoodies
Sublimated Sports Hoodie

15. When buying from the manufacturer, consider other sublimation clothing items as well. Like sublimated hoodies are just as much in demand.
16. And last, don’t over expect from the market. The demand of these polos is high, but this doesn’t mean your stock will be sold out in a blink of an eye. It takes time.

Keep these points in mind. Wholesale the sublimation polo shirt today and bank on the booming market easily.

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