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3 Reasons Why Sublimated Apparel Works Better on Winter Clothing!

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  • January 23, 2019

The winds are howling outside, as the snow falls, and the nip in the air brings a shiver down every spin. The time for winter clothing is now more apt than ever before, and as a retailer, if you cannot present the best to your customers, you are going to lose out on a lot.

But winterwear comes with a lot of trends on the plate and while some are revolutionary, others tend to swing towards the classic side. Then comes the application of the sublimation dye method on jackets and sweatshirts.

If you are not already a fan of winter wholesale sublimated apparel, then here are 3 reasons why you should be.

1. It works great on microfiber clothing

Sublimation is an excellent method of dyeing microfiber clothing and that is one of the main reasons why you should bulk order them. Microfiber clothing has finer pores in the fabric, making it simpler for the dye to sit well on it and create a mind-boggling effect with the print.

Since most clothing today is made of microfiber, be it jackets or sweatshirts and makes sense for you to order them in sublimation prints – because that is what people want.

2. Sublimated is what people want

In 2016, an estimated 384 million meters square fabric was printed using dye sublimation and by 2021, the number is expected to cross the 800 million mark. This projects over 200% growth in the use of sublimation technology on fabrics, and that is no joke.

Everyone from big time manufacturers to small t shirt and jacket customizers are banking on this technology simply for one reason – because it works, and people want a piece of it.

Why would you not capitalize on a market trend set to go this big?

3. It is fast and furious

Even if you skipped the stylistic specifics and aesthetics of what this printing mode could achieve and how much people like it, there is still more for the retailer to be happy about. For starters, sublimation printing is insanely fast!
What’s the reason?

Well, this method is mostly based on a digitized printing method and that means higher productivity and lesser margin of error. If the manufacturer is making the winterwear faster and printing your best designs everyday at an alarming rate, guess who will reap the benefits of it?

Exactly. You.

So, if you have still not thought about it, it is not to late. Get in touch with the top wholesale sublimation clothing suppliers and place your bulk customized orders now. It’s the change your business needs!

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