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3 Sublimation Hoodie Designs for Your Wardrobe This Season!

  • oasissublimation
  • August 6, 2018

Are you a fan of hoodies and want to make a new place in your wardrobe for a new sublimation one? We understand the feeling and know why hoodies matter to you so much. They look cool, solve a lot of purposes, and can be the perfect thing to layer your attire with for any casual occasion. In fact, a hoodie can never make you look overdressed, and that is one of the qualities people go gaga about – it is laidback.

So, to help you out in your quest for a sublimation hoodie, this blog brings you 3 amazing designs that will make an awesome addition to your existing collection. Excited to know what these are? Let’s take a look –

1.The Wolf Print

If you like something cool, mysterious, with a bit of loner attitude in it, then the wolf is definitely the print for you. The colors are too real, and it is the halo light of the full moon that reflects on the alpha’s face and creates a rather majestic hoodie design.

sublimated hoodies wholesale

This print is available in grey and black tones, but we suggest you go for the more bluish hues, because it balances the colors brilliantly and adds the right amount of style and fetish to your wardrobe. Sold already? We thought so.

2.The Cool Guy’s Hoodie

Probably one of the most popular sublimated hoodies wholesale, this one is definitely making its mark in the wardrobes of fellow hoodie lovers. It generally comes in a single tone and has something sarcastic written on it – a quote that catches the eye and gets a good laugh at the same time.

This hoodie is all about simplicity and it would be a perfect and stylish addition to your daily wear wardrobe – something you can say for very few sublimation clothes nowadays.

3.The Octopus Tentacles Hoodie

This is the coolest amongst the lot and for obvious reasons – the design is innovative, and the dichromatic print is neat and yet eye catching at the same time. The hood comes printed with the octopus head and the tentacles go down the body of the apparel. It’s an exciting concept, has a new edge, and comes with plenty of vibe.

hoodies manufacturers

Any top sublimated hoodie manufacturer will have all of these on their collections and that is why it is so easy for you to grab it from your nearest retailer. We promise, that if you pick one or more from these print designs, then it will definitely be the envy of your friends. For now, get shopping!


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