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3 Sublimation Shirts That Make You Look Fashion Forward!

  • oasissublimation
  • March 11, 2019

If you want to make a mark with your fashion, then you need to devote some time into what’s working and what is not. Sublimation shirts are one of the things that can add great value to your collection, if you get it right!

In this blog, we are going to tell you about some of the wholesale sublimation shirts that you cannot be wrong with. Here’s a list of the top numbers in our list!

1.Aztec prints in sublimation dye

Sublimation dye is probably one of the most vibrant types of print in the clothing world and that is what makes it great for indigenous prints. Aztec is a Latin American culture that was known for its diverse style of prints.

These prints come out beautifully in a way that is almost unachievable by any other sort of print. Aztec is also artsy, and you can wear it at parties, evening dinners, and a lot of other places.

Flamboyant and unique, you really can never go wrong with this style. Get with a sublimation retailer today and find out if they have this for you!

2.African prints for your primal fashion

If you are into primal fashion and like tribal prints, then sublimation shirts are your best option. Tribal prints are known for their intricate designs that are supposed to be perfectly geometric in its rendition.

Sublimation makes this job very easy, because it is digitally printed and follows a process that binds the color with the fabric itself. Your African printed shirts will be an absolute eye catcher in the wardrobe and it will definitely add to your personality.

African prints go very well with heavy accessories and you should not shy away from some bling.

3.Classic Painting Prints

Renaissance was a time of rejuvenation and wonder for Europeans in general, and Italians in particular. Known as one of the golden ages of art, it is revered for its beauty and use of perfection in representing the human form on paper.

These paintings like the Mona Lisa and the Sistine Chapel come off very well with sublimation dye. And it will definitely add an arty vibe to your whole wardrobe – something that will add uniqueness to your personality.

These are the 3 prints that you can never fail with when buying sublimation clothing. You can also buy these prints in sublimation leggings and even that will not let you down. So don’t keep waiting now – get in touch with a retailer and get shopping!

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