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4 Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Maintain Sublimated Backpacks

  • oasissublimation
  • October 8, 2018

Sublimation technology is getting more and more widespread in the world now. People can use this technology to DIY many special things. Even though clothes are really common, when it comes to sublimated goods, but accessories like shoes and bags are also gaining quite a momentum in the market. Since these goodies are really close to you, hence you should know the different tricks on how to care for them. Since sublimated backpacks are an obvious choice among young people, hence they should know the different ways on how to care for them. This will not only keep the accessories in good shape but help increase its shelf life as well.

Tip 1

Whenever you wash your sublimated backpack, make sure to clean it inside out. Even through the surface harbors a lot more bacteria and dust, gentle cleaning is most suitable for this area. Too much of a harsh treatment can cause the print to crack or even fade. Don’t ever think about washing the bag in a washing machine as it can wreak havoc with the machine and the quality.

Tip 2

Choose a non-harsh laundry detergent. In fact, the best thing to use here is a mild liquid detergent as these are sulphate free hence won’t cause the print to fade. Always avoid bleach, no matter how harsh the stain is. Resort to natural cleaning procedure, if that makes sense. The best way to clean any kind of stubborn marks on the surface is to first dampen it with water then take a tissue and rub some alcohol in it, this will definitely lighten the mark.

Tip 3

Always follow the proper cleaning procedure. If you want the bag to last for a few years, then any kind of shortcut wont work. For a good cleaning session, you have to first immerse the bag in a tub of lukewarm water. This will loosen the dust particles for easy clean. Then pour some liquid detergent and create a nice solution and let the bag soak for a few hours. Clean the marks and wash it off with cold water.

Tip 4

Air dry is always the best option when it comes to sublimation printed goods. But make sure that the print is not facing the direct rays of the sun or else it might start fading. The air-dry procedure also prevents the occurrence of a mildew smell. Sometimes your backpack might get wet due to rain or any other reason, in this case naturally drying the product will help maintain the quality.

Hence, follow the aforesaid tips so that you can use the backpacks for more than a couple of years. Retailers can get in touch with reputed sublimated backpack manufacturers and browse through their collection of stylish bags and state the MOQ of the products to the help desk.


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