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4 Important Facts To Keep In Mind About Sublimation Printing Of Polo Shirts

  • Oasis Sublimation
  • July 15, 2021

Sublimation clothing has now emerged as an increasingly popular fashionwear. No longer restricted to sportswear, vibrant sublimated garments are now being appreciated and worn by everyone. If you are a business owner with a good taste in sublimated polo shirts, you should get in touch with a reputable sublimation wear manufacturer. The expansive catalog of that manufacturing unit is sure to include sublimated polo shirts, hoodies, jerseys, jackets and other sublimated outerwear.

1) Improper graphic placement can spoil entire design

Good manufactures focus on the placement of graphics when it comes to sublimated clothing. If the designs are not placed accurately, the whole garment may get ruined. Thus, it is very important to place the patterns at the suited places.

Before ordering for a sublimated polo shirt or hoodie, you must ensure that you create a design that is appropriate for the sublimation method. At times, certain designs don’t look nice on sleeves. It might not be possible for a manufacturer to imprint a design under the collar. Thus, you should talk it out which catchy design is actually convenient for the supplier to depict.

2) Don’t be worried about white patches

A plethora of dark colors on your sublimated polo shirt may lead to the appearance of white streaks. These white patches may be visible around the shoulders, along the seam or below the armpit. You may not like the look of such patches. So, it is vital that you discuss which colors can bring to life a striking sublimated polo without surfacing of such white spots.

3) Avoid wrapping designs

When it comes to sublimation printing of polo shirts, it may be difficult to wrap a design from front to back. Such a print may fail to be portrayed precisely as per your expectation. To avoid difficulty and disappointment, you better select a captivating design that does not extend from front to all the way behind the t-shirt.

4) Synthetic fabric is the preferred choice

Organic fabric like cotton is not the right choice for sublimation printing. Thus, you should agree to the usage of synthetic fabric such as polyester or spandex to craft a vibrant and visually appealing sublimated polo shirt.

These ground rules may be applicable for any artsy sublimated apparel, especially polo shirts. As a retailer eager to bring your aesthetic imagination to life, make sure to rely on a famed sublimated apparel manufacturer. Then only you can revamp your stock with comfy and eye-catching custom sublimated polo shirts of top quality.

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