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4 Sublimated Sports Bras That are Having A Moment Right Now

  • oasissublimation
  • April 20, 2018

Sublimated sports bras have again made the headlines in the fitness-fashion circuit. But this time, four very specific versions have stood out. Okay, these sports bras have sub-categories but let’s not get into the details. Let’s just focus on the top four which are having a moment right now. Popular and stunning, each one is highly functional and fashionable. Want to know which sublimated sports bras are being referred to here? Keep reading to find out.

An all-white sports bra

There is something about an all-white sports bra. you may argue that it looks bland and plain, but when you integrate a sexy racer back with the primary design, the appeal is undeniably voguish. For a more dramatic approach, manufacturers of sublimated sports bra include colored or printed elastic bands. This breaks the monotony of white, rendering an overall boost to the design. Now wearing white during the summer, especially in the gym, might seem like a gamble. To beat that, the designers have constructed the pieces using fine quality materials which are experts in wicking moisture. All in all, the pristine appeal of an all-white sports bra is basking in a glory that will not fade away anytime soon.

The abstract print sports bra

There is something about abstract prints which renders these a widespread popularity. The random lines and curves as displayed on the sports bras have an appeal of their own. These are extremely causal to look at, especially the ones which come with dark backgrounds. The abstract motif is featured on pastel backgrounds as well to keep up with the trend. Whichever you pick, the pieces are bound to impress. Combining several stylish designs, the sublimated abstract sports bra is meant to add to the athleisure bandwagon in the subtlest way. As for functionality, these bras are made of breathable materials, which allow air circulation.

The floral print sports bra

Floral prints are always having a moment, especially given that it is spring right now. Considered to be the flagbearer of spring, stunning floral patterns featured on sports bras is stylish, sexy and pretty. The lightweight materials are extremely functional, promoting the performance. But it is really the flowers that let the bras stand out. From romantic floral prints to big, bright ones, this version of the sublimated sports bra allows the ladies to pick from a wide range and satiate their floral print fantasy.

The denim sports bra

New in the block but already popular with the ladies, the denim sports bra is everything you ever wanted. Combining the goodness of denim with a wide range of sublimated prints, this version is efficient and stunning. The use of good quality denim allows you to breathe and feel at ease (even when you are working outdoors). Available in a wide range of washes, from light to dark, each one packs a fantastic sublimated print. Tiny white polka dots and textured shades are the two most common motifs for the denim sports bras. Wear these to the gym or for a casual gathering, the appeal will be worth the praise.

To conclude, invest in these sports bras, which pack both function and fashion at the same time. Manufacturers of sublimated sports bras and custom sublimated swimwear use the finest dye sublimation equipment to transfer the prints on the pieces. The quality and durability of the prints add to the worth of the pieces. Retailers can make a bulk purchase of the sublimated sports bra by registering online today.

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