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6 Sublimated Women’s Clothing That are Making an Impact This Summer

  • oasissublimation
  • April 17, 2018

Sublimation dye process has gone mainstream and sublimated clothing has become one of the most popular clothing trends in the United States right now. And while the reasons are many, from variation to quality, both men and women are making it quite the wardrobe staple, giving rise to a phenomenon that only few would have predicted.

This blog decides to look into 6 types of sublimated women’s clothing including the sublimated swimwear and determine the cause and effect of their popularity. All of these clothing types have garnered vast popularity and women are using these everywhere, from the streets and beaches to university libraries. This has in fact given a boost to manufacturers who have been waiting for something like this to happen and have now increased their variation and production of the fashion style. Now, let’s take a look at the selected 6:

1.Sublimated Tees and Tops

These are kind of the basics in sublimated clothing for women and that is what makes it so easily accessible. With various prints and customizations available, many have started getting a host of these and shuffling them around to up the style factor. Filled with color, the prints could even bring to life some of your fun- filled moments with friends, families and loved ones, making it a good option on the list of “meaningful gifts one could give to show someone that they matter!”

2.Sublimated Hoodies

A unisex item in general, sublimated hoodies are quite the revelation in casual clothing because of the kind of variety and prints that you get. The thing about sublimation is that there is no limitation as to what you can get printed. If you are more of a girly gal, you could get Cinderella and her princess world created, or if you are mechaphilia, you could even get your favorite car or motorbike printed on it in 3D. Super hero fanatics can do the same and there is just no limit as to where custom sublimation can get us.

3.Sublimation Dress

Dresses are a girl’s best friend and women who like to be in style can never lose their sight on sublimation dresses. However, when going to take this route as far as dresses are concerned, one could go horribly wrong or make it on the front page of one of the top fashion magazines. The trick is to stay away from any excessive color and go for prints and patterns on a neutral base that strike the perfect balance. Also, one should make sure that they go for something that is fitted – at least on the upper body. This adds a whole lot of detail to the shiny texture of sublimated clothing and makes you look like a diva in the making!

4.Sublimation Swimwear

Beaches get a healthy dash of color with sublimated swimwear for women. These come in exotic prints and patterns and fit in a way to accentuate every curve in your body. If you want to make a bold and beautiful statement on the beach, nothing other than sublimated wear can get you there like you want it, too. In fact, if you are in the mood for some low-key beach love, then the sublimated cover-ups are a great way to keep it stylish and yet subtle. It’s all about how you want to make it happen!

5.Sublimated Shorts

Summer is here, and shorts, are of course, a clothing staple to keep the skin breathing and the heat at bay. But now, gone are the days of boring single neutral colors when it comes to shorts. Sublimated fashion has revolutionized this basic as well and there are plenty of patterns and prints to make you look cool. From cartoons to quirky taglines there is a host of things you could pick your perfect summer bottom wear from. And each one of the shorts are very different from the other ones – in every possible way, except for being shorts!

6.Sublimated Capris

If capris are your choice of summer bottom wear fashion, then the sublimated variants are going to blow your mind. 100 times more colorful with patterns and floral design options, they make neutral colored tops look like fashion wear!

With all of these 6 apparels making a deep impact on women’s clothing, sublimated garments are on a high like never before! So, don’t wait – just get going and get yourself all the vibrant hues, creative prints and flavors that you need!

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