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6 Types of Sports Socks to Buy

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  • June 6, 2016

Although sports socks do not carry as much popular vibe as sports shoes, these are nonetheless an important part of the attire of every sportsperson. There is ongoing development in sports socks to make them better and more comfortable for wearers. These come with elasticity, cushioning, moisture-wicking technology, support and durability. These are designed to suit any type of feet, and come in appealing colors as well as attractive designs. If you have opened up a sports clothing and accessory store, you need to consider buying the following 6 types of socks for your stock, including hockey socks UK.

Running socks

These can provide support to the foot arches and keep the skin dry due to excellent moisture-wicking capability. Sweating is inevitable and wet feet can be very comfortable for runners, especially during long hours of running. These do not come with seams along toes and can ensure the safety of toes even when a runner is covering long-distance tracks. Such kinds of socks can also be customized in order to make them fit the left and the right foot in a different way.

Baseball Socks

These are socks shaped like a tube and go up to kneecap area, in order to keep the shin safe while playing baseball. The game involves sliding a lot around in dirt, and these types of socks are also designed to keep mud and dirt out and allowing the skin of feet to breathe. These are light in weight and are constructed of a durable fabric, which includes 90% polypropylene.

Sublimated Socks
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Hockey Socks

Generally, these types of socks are constructed by sublimated hockey jersey manufacturers out of rib-knit fabric which happens to be long-lasting and stretchable in form. Generally, two socks are worn by hockey players – one of them is the inner liner and the outer one is the protective type. The outer socks go as high as up to the knee and can protect the knee and shin, when worn over knee and shin guards. The foot is kept warm by the inner socks, even in chilly weather, and the skin is kept dry even when a player sweats.

Football / Soccer Socks

These are breathable and light in weight, made of a stretchable material. Such types of socks go to the knee level and are made long-lasting in form. There is additional cushioning at the toes and heels to protect the areas from impacts of kicking on the ball. These are usually of the same color as the uniform of a team. Soccer is played instead of football in some nations, which makes football and soccer socks often the same in construction.

Basketball Socks

These are designed to provide cushioning effect to the feet, and reduce friction and impact when players run about on the court. These can be crew socks or mid-calf socks. Given that basketball shoes tend to be high-cut, crew socks have a higher cut in order to keep the ankles safe and protect the skin from rubbing against the top part of shoes.

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