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6 types of sublimated bags that will definitely up your style quotient

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  • December 15, 2016

Looking past their beneficial qualities, bags do define a strong fashion statement. Every woman has a flair for bags. But when we ladies go out shopping, we inevitably get confused about which bag we should buy and which we should give a miss. Metaphorically speaking, we all own quite a few bags that may be hidden from the plain sight but there are a few which are absolute essentials for these are stylish and spacious enough to be used regularly. And with the technique of sublimation having become popular, these are a necessity. So here we bring you a list of bags that should do their job while satisfying your fashion conscience.

Tote bags

With double straps and open main compartment, tote bags are beautiful in their appearance. They are huge and spacious, allowing carrying all your essentials without any worry. Deemed perfect for regular use, tote bags when combined with dye sublimation look wonderful. You can carry them for your shopping spree or when hitting the beach. They look best with flared dresses and trainers. With a variety of prints available, they will make you stand out any place you go.


sublimated bags

Backpacks are best when you have to carry heavy loads on your back. They lie on your back with double straps to support the weight. Their spacious quality makes them the best pick when you are travelling to some far off places. And now their design is enhanced as they blend with the latest sublimation trend. Featuring textures and patterns that include flora, logo and gothic facsimiles, you will not be disappointed with them. Carry them with your most casual outfit for the maximum impact. Sublimated bags are available with reputed manufacturers who have lined the latest designs.

Clutches and card holders

We have already emphasised that bags are a necessity because they carry everything required. But when going for a party or some glamorous occasion, we certainly do not want to restrict our movements by wearing a large bag. Clutches and card holders are the solution to this problem. They are small and can carry some cards and cash at the least, but are very fashionable and look magnificent when juxtaposed with dye sublimation. They complement the beauty of all party outfits when carried in your hands.

sublimated bags

Messenger bags

If we rate bags on the multi-faceted parameter, then messenger bags are definitely to top the list. They are big and rectangular, allowing you to carry your files and laptops with ease. The wide, broad straps carried on one shoulder helps distribute the weight evenly. They work best with the boho look. Sublimation prints on messenger bags coupled with slim fit jeans and boots and scarves will only help you to garner compliments from all the onlookers.

sublimated bags

Hobo bags

Perfect for day trips and beach outings, hobo bags are crescent in shape that can carry a lot of essentials at one time and keep them in place. The soft material that it is made with emphasises the dye prints, enhancing their grandeur and magnificence. You can carry them to your work place for a definitive fashion statement. Furthermore, the small shoulder handle helps you carry them with ease.

Sling bags

sublimated bags

Also popular as crossbody bags, they are the ultimate winner of the bag department for they come in various shapes and designs. Ideal for night outs or when going for a party, sling bags can be characterised by their long handles and small body structure. They feature a wide variety of dye prints and patterns that complements and enhances their overall textures. They work extremely well with skater dresses, leather jackets and shorts.

So we hope to have cleared your confusion regarding the bags. Now you know for definitive which are the bags that should adorn your accessories collection. If you are a retailer looking to make a bulk purchase, then register with prominent manufacturers online to get products that range from sublimated bags to sublimated team jackets.

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