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  • September 29, 2016

Right now is ever a good time to be a part of the $3.4 billion dollars worth dye-sublimation apparel industry. The sublimated clothing trend kick-started during the end of 2015 and by the starting of 2016, the fashion industry was already transforming to embrace this contemporary printing technique. It initially stirred up a storm in the sports and fitness clothing industry before moving on to changing the face of fashion apparel. The reason why sublimated apparel is here to stay is because:

1. The printing technique allows for the use of every inch of the garment effortlessly

2. The resultant effect is bright color and crisp print

3. The prints and designs do not fade even after repeated washing and constant wear and tear which is why the fitness and sports clothing industry quickly took it up and brought it under its fold

4. It provides unlimited opportunities for customization, the use of a wide color palette and combination options

5. The overall printing expense and manufacturing cost of a garment is reduced since producing one item is equal to bulk production and hence, it gives great boost to clothing businesses

If you think that only sublimation shirts is a force to reckon with then you probably have been living under a rock. Sports uniforms use this technology so that players can look their best and also play their best as this printing method does not interfere with the moisture wicking and breathing capabilities of the fabrics used and the print does not just stand on the garment but rather the ink is infused with the apparel and become one.

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In addition, school and office uniforms have also got a fashion edge due to sublimation printing. Big design and fashion houses have expanded the application of dye-sublimation in the quest of exploiting it and today you will find everything from sublimated shorts to dresses, t-shirts, scarves, hats and even flags. You are only really limited because of your own thinking capacities. Whatever you dream, think or whatever ideas you can come up with, you can print them all and create unique clothing just as easily.

If you own an online or offline clothing retail store, wish to use personalized apparel as a part of your promotional tactics or the owner of a sports team and want your players to look their best, just get in touch with a sublimated clothing manufacturer and supplier and give wings to your imagination. Go ahead, be different!

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