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Best Printed Swimwear Styles For Summer 2021

  • Oasis Sublimation
  • June 29, 2021

The days are finally getting longer which means the swimsuit season is here. A classic one-piece or bikini never goes out of style, but this year summer is all about trying out new trends that are super comfortable and stylish.

From sexy high cuts to shimmer, there are so many unique variants to choose from. Business owners who wish to purchase sublimation swimwear for their store, can find some style inspiration by reading on the blog below.

  1. Anything that’s Rihanna approved will certainly become a source of inspiration. There are so many cool ways that you can dress up your swimwear that is inspired by nightlife. This is a great way to start off the summer party but don’t forget to maintain social distancing.
  2. Swimwear should be fun, comfortable and appealing. The amber color adds a patent-leather shine that will inspire many Insta-worthy moments. These are great for pulling off a luxe look that will help you pull off the coolest looks with panache!
  3. A stringy bikini is always a good idea. This popular trend is super flattering on all body types, it tends to be adjustable, making it easy to find a style that fits you just right. Whether you are petite, apple shaped or have a beautiful hourglass figure, stringy bikini is the best way to show off the summer bod.
  4. Designed with a one-shoulder silhouette, a high-cut one-piece swimsuit, also known as monokini doubles as a very comfortable bodysuit. This is exclu9isvely inspired by the British mod scene in the ’60s. The crinkled jersey fabric of the metallic brown suit lends a flattering ribbed effect.
  5. Cutouts inspired by the Kardashians re here to stay and for good reason. They are the best way to take a classic silhouette and give it a fresh new look. This style flatters all bodies, they simply show a bit of extra skin.
  6. A high-waisted bikini bottom is always a good idea. Welcome the retro style with this swimwear. The print on this one takes the romantic themes we’ve seen in Bridgerton and brings them into our swimwear collection.

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