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Best Sports Bra For Runners – Busted!

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  • July 28, 2015

There is nothing more uncomfortable than an ill-fitting sports bra! Don’t you agree?

Well if you do, then don’t splurge on the steeply priced sports bra only for its flattering design and color. The great news is, global designers and manufacturers are out with their latest launch of best running bra that features popping colors, eye-alluring designs with exceptional quality fabric, supremely active to accentuate entire season’s workout sessions. Health conscious society inclining toward a stronger fitness regime acknowledges the importance of sports bra than ever before. Also, justifiability is the new rule of the game! Nonetheless cutting edge technology is constantly innovating design elements from padding, mesh inserts, digital prints.

The sports bra you will love:

Racer Bra

The racer backs are the old favorites coming in new tweaks that will impress wear to its core featuring! This variety includes substantial straps, more subtle and tastefully padded cups. The mesmerizing mesh between the breasts and also on the back straps will keep you calm when your body is all set to burn out!

Handful Adjustable Bra

The top manufactures offer this type of adjustable handful bra, just to flatter and not flatten! Yes this type comes as the best running bra that promises zero chafe with amazing number of feminine shapes. The handful bras not only come in adjustable variety but are convertible too! Flaunt your back and keep the cups supported while your style them with X-back or in parallel. This set also comes with one set of removal light pads which has raised its demand. But the buttery soft, quick to drying and supreme spandex-nylon blend doubles the craze quotient!

Show-Off Bra

The show off bra is an all round crowd pleaser with its heavy duty support without the odd looks of a heavy duty bra rather the snazzy fabric used to stitch this new sensation and the adjustable V-style straps is simply a knockout! Not too tight not to thick, these pieces come in XS to XL sizes so big breasts on small busts all you ladies can show-off your curves with this new spunk active wear.

How to Choose A Sports Bra

If you are looking for an idle sports bra what you should consider crucially is its ability to enhance your active lifestyle in comfort and minimizing chances of injury. While cup sizes are variant all you need is good support and supreme comfort that will help you keep an undivided attention toward sports.

Level of impact

This is a very important key to consider while you choose the best running bra and the amount of movement and aggression required for your training and workout session will decide the impact level. For instance walking, regular cycling, weight training or the yoga sessions are mostly low impact. However when you move to skiing and moderate hiking or impact level also rises to medium. High impact activities mostly includes aerobics, running and also mountain biking.

Features of the sports bra: The basics of bra hold stupendous significance in deciding which sports bra you should choose.

The band is the foundation of any bra that is where the support begins. Wide bands prove to be more supportive than the narrower ones.


You must remember, your working hours involve a little to a lot of sweating, hence you should consider picking sports bras that have high quality quick-to dry and moisture winking facility. Also anti-microbial featuring adds to the functionality and keep yourself immune from different diseases.


You cannot miss on the straps especially when it is for those active time of the day. A racer back, cross-back or any another type, whatever your style is, straps play a primary role in lifting your twin rightly An appropriate strap means it has to be sturdy but not too tight. No you don’t need hickeys from those straps! So make your choice carefully.


Feel totally secured while things just heat up and enjoy the active workouts with the fabulous sublimated sports bra.

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