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Breaking Away from the Regular Sublimated Tshirts

  • oasissublimation
  • September 17, 2015

Sublimated long sleeve t-shirt, known for its quality to keep the t-shirts as light as possible. The direct printing and the polyester combined together prevent the extra weight from forming. Also the sublimated t-shirts come with an added advantage of durability of the print since the print is literally infused into the material. With the satisfaction of durability and high quality the wholesalers have started experimenting on various prints for its customers, since the demand of sublimated long sleeve t-shirts have rapidly increased in a short period.

The evergreen And The Must Haves

Different people have different tastes, and manufactures have been trying to cater to all possible tastes of their customers. But some are such that are universally loved whatever may be the taste. Here are three such long sleeve sublimated t-shirts that we think are a must have in everybody’s wardrobe.

On the top of our list is the superhero sublimated long sleeve t shirt. This one piece is one evergreen print everybody should have in their wardrobe. And since Durability will not be a problem you can keep your favourite superhero t shirt for as long as you want. The second on our list is the black and white print sublimated t shirts. These are two colours that never go out of fashion. You can pick it out for anywhere and at anytime and always look up to date. The third on our list and our recent favourite is the cartoon print. Adding a lot of colour and vibrancy to your look the cartoon print will be a great change from the normal stripes and checks one wears. Also it will add a fun factor to your personality.

Added Advantage

Along with the evergreens and the must haves there is this little added advantage which will help you wear any print you want. It’s the customised sublimated long sleeve t shirt feature. With this now you can get any print printed and sport any style you want without any thought. Along with this the manufacturers have made available a wide variety of designs and prints in sublimated long sleeve t-shirts for its customers.

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