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women jacket styles in summer

Chic Women’s Jacket Styles That Are Perfect For The Summer

  • oasissublimation
  • April 29, 2019

If you happen to be a lover of layer on pieces, then chances are that you have a penchant for stylish jackets that are quirky yet comfortable. In fact one of the smartest ways you can style a neutral outfit is with the help of a printed jacket. These outfits are a literal example of the motto ‘less is more’. You don’t have to put much effort into the entire outfit yet play out your aesthetic is a subtle way possible. With the increasing demand for quality jacket pieces, renowned wholesale sublimated jackets manufacturers have come up with a unique collection you must have a look at.

The clothing range consists of pieces that are ideally made with using only quality certified raw material. Hence these are durable and easy to maintain as well. Therefore, read on to know more about the various printed jacket styles you can invest in.

Utility way

Short utility jackets with appliqué design is quite synonymous to modern French style. The appliqués are generally in contrasting tones which lends it a colorful vibe. You can style the jacket for a date or even a brunch with the help of a black suede skirt.

Glitter jacket

The glitter jacket may appear too over the top at first glance. But if you style it well, these can be your go-to outfit for a night out with friends. You can either opt for a monochromatic outfit or play around with different types of colors as long as it makes sense. Thus, to create a trendy night look, make sure to opt for a black tee and ripped black jeans that you can style with the same.

Pastel power

Pastel toned jackets are perfect for an effortless stylish outfit for the spring. You can actually create an ombre outfit by opting for the jacket color as the statement tone then moving onto lighter/darker tones with the rest of the outfit. For the shoes, you can either opt for a vintage brown leather jacket or black converse to complete the outfit.

Animal alert

The animal print has been declared as a classic for its unique and bold appeal. Hence you can opt for the leopard aesthetic, or even the beautiful tiger print which is OTT yet worth the fun. Create a classic wild west style by opting for an animal print jacket that can be worn with a leather short skirt.

Black and white florals

It’s time that you ditch the colorful floral aesthetic and opt for something in a dual tone range. This actually makes the outfit a lot more versatile and easier to style as well. Therefore, if you’re thinking about wearing this for a day out with friends, make sure to style it with denim jeans and strappy heels to create a chic glamorous look.

Wallpaper print

Revival prints are gaining a lot of appreciation this year. Designs like couch florals and wallpaper prints have somewhat became the most talked about styles of the season. Therefore if you want to imbibe these in your attire, make sure to keep the jacket as the statement piece and opt for neutrals for the rest of the outfit.

Business owners who want to include trendy jacket pieces in their store can get in touch with one of the popular sublimated capri & jacket manufacturers. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of clothing and state the bulk needs by dropping a mail to the help team for the same.

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