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Three Foolproof Tactics to Double Your Summer Revenue

  • oasissublimation
  • May 12, 2017

Sure the clothing market is thriving. That, however, does not mean that everyone is served the same amount of benefits. There are those retailers who are reining at the top of the ladder and then those who are struggling with poor sale.

Do You Belong To That Later Group?

Even after making countless attempts to boost your sale, you have had little success. Sale’s down, revenue’s down, and so is your energy and motivation.

Well, this season, change everything-fix all the wrongs in your business.

Here Are Three Simple And Foolproof Tactics To Double Your Revenue This Summer:

Spruce Your Collection With Sublimation Clothing

Yes, those chic sublimation t shirts, pants, jackets and dresses are headlining even this season. So instead of stocking ‘everything’, focus more on the items and varieties that are trending and are more likely to sell. Spruce up your collection with high quality, custom sublimation clothing. Dial a good manufacturer together.

Have Different Pricing Strategies

Instead of selling to everyone at the same price, have different pricing strategy for different target audience or consumer groups. Spend some time in identifying the needs and budget of the potential buyers. Use different price (usually low) to attract new customers, charge a bit more from repeated buyers, offer discounts whenever necessary, have price range that differs you from your competitors. Master the art of psychology pricing.

Invest More Of Time And Resource In Marketing

You can wholesale the best of sublimated wears and map a perfect pricing strategy, but if you’re not marketing adequately, you have failure written all over your business. So invest more of your time, energy and money in promoting your products/business. Leverage on social media to reach out more customers. Be smart in engaging and converting them. Don’t overlook the traditional mean of marketing either.

These are 3 simple and foolproof tactics that will double your revenue this season. Of course, they are easier said than done. So be smart when making decisions and have a reliable sublimation clothing manufacturer by your side.


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