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Commonly Asked Questions About Sublimation Clothing

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  • July 5, 2019

Sublimation print clothing technology has found its way to fame because of the unique approach and innate intricate designs. This makes the wearer very different from what everyone’s wearing. Sublimation clothing has certain obscurities towards their whole existence which makes it a little oblivious to a lot of people. Sublimation has a long history of different kinds of dyes being used, with different methods of printing coming into play. Starting from the solid-ink printing technology back in 1986, sublimation has found new ways and designs to implicate its prolific vibe.

In the present day sublimation is deeply rooted into the fashion industry. Fitness fashion clothes have a wide range of sublimated shorts and jerseys and famous sublimated clothing manufacturers are constantly coming up with new designs and technology to make it easier for the enthusiasts to cater to the increasing demand for sublimated clothes.

So what makes sublimation clothing so great?

The print works by heating the fabric allowing a deep permanent mark on the cloth. The ink is penetrated into the surface which yields long lasting results. Images are also printed on t-shirts and sublimated shirts which don’t fade away or even form cracks with time. At times the images tend to chip or break off from the cloth, make sure to find the right quality of ink to avoid such issues.

What products to use in order to print sublimated designs?

Sublimation mostly works on anything. Starting from clothes like pants, shorts, tees, ties, even your ceramic wear can get a nice cute makeover with sublimation prints. Depending on the fabric used, woven texture and tight knit fabric- embossing the prints on them gets easier. Sublimated prints are brilliantly flashy but balances the dynamics of the overall design.

What are the different tools needed for sublimation?

Sublimation requires certain specific tools for its working. Primarily to print the graphics onto a special transfer paper is very essential following a heat press which enables in transferring the ink on the paper to the item you desire to design. To minimize the efforts, a computer with a software to process the digital print is required. A cutting and a sewing device can be kept handy in order to get the desired look.

What is the function of the heat press?

Sublimation works with heat pressing down on the ink, which gives it a long lasting effect. These heat press devices heats up sealing the color to the fabric. There are different kinds of heat presses for different shapes and kinds of clothes like small format heat press, calendar heat press, flatbed heat press etc.

Sublimation clothing has been the beat buster for a while now, these clothes are being embraced and adored by teens alone in a huge margin. The primary reason for their large scale popularity lies in the fact that it is not your regular piece of cloth, it deserves a separate room in your closet.

Famous wholesale sublimation clothing manufacturers are making sure that customer preferences come first, in case of designs and styles. This helps retailers to order in bulk their desired designs of sublimated clothing in tune with their needs.

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