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Custom Sublimation Socks as Gifts- A New Trend with a New Consumer Market

  • oasissublimation
  • March 22, 2016

Few would have thought years back that there would be a time when people would start gifting socks to their friends and families; and that too with pride. But today we have a scenario somewhat like that. And it isn’t hard to guess ‘why’ or ‘how’; courtesy of custom sublimation socks.

Dye sublimated socks- stylish and gift-able

There are few clothing items that sublimation has not left its charm on; not even the socks. Dye sublimated socks has become crazily popular today. Their colorful variations, with sweet and funky custom designs have made them the favorite among various consumer bases; favorite, so much so that people have started using them as gift items.

This new market trend has opened the new windows of opportunity for small businesses and bulk buyers. In fact, a whole new market has emerged where consumers buy custom sublimation socks for gifting purpose. So this means that you, when buying your wholesale of blank sublimation socks, have to be very careful during customizing.

Customizing with funky colors and designs

When buying wholesale of dye sublimated socks wholesale for this new market, there is a range of factors that you need to consider-

  1. People would not even look twice at the black and white color variations.
  2. Bold is the new ‘in’ of this market.
  3. Experiment with popping/bright colors.
  4. Remember that advice that says you shouldn’t use more than two colors? Yeah, that doesn’t hold true here.
  5. Go fancy with multiple color combinations.
  6. Those diamond, check or Gingham patterns are great; but try something different and be unique.
  7. Use graphics of different kinds (this depends on what kind of consumer base you are targeting).
  8. Animal motifs or the graphic of cartoons are the very popular choices (They exude cuteness).
  9. You can also use humorous texts; everyone loves those one-liners.
  10. Experimenting on ankle-socks is a no-no here. Not many people like them.

Note that this is rather a new market, so very few things can be known of varieties of custom sublimation socks would your customers consider as cool, cute and gift-able. So keep the above mentioned points in your consideration.

All the while, be also very careful about the quality of your sublimation socks wholesale. Besides being amazing looking, these socks must also be of high quality. They must be made using high quality fabrics and have effective wicking properties to offer the optimum level of comfort to the wearers.

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