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Different Ways To Style The Much-Loved Sublimation Clothing

  • oasissublimation
  • September 12, 2018

With the introduction of the cutting-edge sublimated printing process, the concept of screen printing has taken a backseat. The current fashion scene focuses on prints that fall on the verge of eccentricity and stands out among the contemporaries with the extraordinary design offerings it has for the millennial customers. From sublimated jacket to tees to leggings, this concept of printing has spread like a wildfire and has created a buzz among the creative heads of popular high street fashion labels. The largest use of sublimated printing has been applied by wholesalers in their clothes that is also a hot favorite among many retailers as well. The art to wearing this quirky print is not that easy but still you can incorporate the designs in your everyday clothing without looking like a wildflower bouquet.

Start with the small and easy effort

Being an amateur you must be easy on yourself when it comes to mixing the prints as you’re not used to the concept and might create an outfit full of clashing prints. Since this is your first time, you can start of with less complex prints by pairing it with a normal daily outfit and move on in the color mixing chart.

Make sure to be comfortable with your neutrals

Don’t get overly involved in the world of prints. You have to be comfortable with neutrals as well which means the neutral prints, namely the checks and the stripes. These are versatile and unisex making it a popular choice among people who are not in the experimental fashion sail.

Inverse colors work well

Sometimes you can also try inverse color combinations too. With this method you can create the most interesting of the outfits ever. For example, in case of a black and white outfit combo, go for a black top and a white pant apparel choice. You can also play up with the color palette with the additions of layers and accessories in your outfit.

Double up the print game

While wearing an outfit you can opt for the same print in different colors for both the upper and the bottom garment. Make sure not to choose colorful accessories and stick to neutral when it comes to that. For the flirty feminine look opt for florals and if you want to create an edgy androgynous look, go for geometric prints.

Fuse the base colors

Wear one single base color with different types of sublimation motifs as this will create an interesting silhouette. In this way you not only show off your love for sublimated designs but are also keeping the outfit solid and sophisticated.

Retailers can get good quality sublimated clothing which they can customize according to their brand ethos. There is a flurry of apparels available like custom sublimated jacket, sublimated legging and sublimated hoodies to chose from


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