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Express Yourself through Sublimated Apparel

It is believed that choices of outfits is a form of self-expression and helps wearers to flaunt their unique personalities. Dye sublimation printing makes that possible!

  • This printing method lets one use a full color spectrum
  • Customization comes with no limitations or restrictions
  • Every inch of the apparel can be filled with colors and design elements

Be the Superhero You Idolize

The kids of the ’90s have grown up reading comics, especially DC and Marvel Comics, and have grown to love and admire the characters portrayed in it. Not just kids, but adults too are still in love with Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Super Girl and the Justice Leagues because they’re more than just characters. Kids are probably attracted to the super powers exhibited by these fictitious characters but adults can almost relate to the tough choices these characters have to make, the idea of good triumphing over evil and the hurdles of life shown in such a simple manner.

Everybody wants to be a superhero! And by wearing sublimation shirts featuring those loved characters, everybody can…or at least feel an inch closer! Retailers of online and off stores can surely profit from this undying love by getting in touch with manufacturers and revamping their collection.

Let the World Know Your Love for Game of Thrones

If there is one TV series that has gripped the world with its hair-standing narrative, picturesque landscapes and dramatic plots, it certainly is GOT. It even got Steven Spielberg wanting to make a TV series instead of a movie! Everybody loves to flaunt what they love and there would be nothing better than to wear t-shirts with the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryans or the dragons and the deri-wolfs. Words spoken by Tyrion also make for excellent t-shirt design ideas! And with dye sublimation, one can simple go wild with imagination!!

Same Old Polo Shirts with a Twist

Classics are always coveted. Maybe that’s why the polo shirts continue to reign even after decades! But from dominant appearances on golf courses, tennis stadiums and cricket fields, it has become an integral part of street style. Take a moment to thank dye sublimation technology to make polos accessible for individuals of all ages and walks of life! Sublimation polo shirts in nautical stripes, crazy color combinations, prints running along the collar or featuring logos, brand names and other such details are in vogue. Promotional to casual wear, it is a great choice for everything!

If you are thinking of starting your own t-shirt business or looking to promote your business through promotional apparel, get in touch with a sublimation manufacturer and wholesaler. Don’t forget to order in bulk because it costs the same to print 1 piece of garment as it does for 500.

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