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Fashionista Women Are Rocking The Sublimated Cap Looks with Stylish Attires

  • oasissublimation
  • September 1, 2017

The accessories have always been playing a major role in lending the best looks, especially to the women. Today, the face of these accessories have changed a lot from the bling and shimmering ones, to subtle, simple and smart designs. There was a time when accessories only meant the neckpieces, bangles, or ear rings. Today, the scenario has changed, and minimal is the new sexy, with belt, shoes, and the caps or hats. Yes, the printed and colorful caps and hats have made a new entry to the world of accessories for the women, and they signify a very crucial change in women’s world of fashion.

The men are always addicted to the caps, as they have shortage of options when it comes to accessories. The women have made these caps their closet staples for the most casual attires, be it while traveling, or for the pool parties. Gone are the days when the caps used to be plain and simple, but today with the sublimation printing technology the sublimated cap designs have been introduced.

Here are some style ideas to get the best attires with the printed caps.

The flannel funk

Are you always in love with the flannel shirts, and always look forward for fresh new ways to wear them? Then the printed colorful caps would add the much required funk to the flannel outfits of yours. Get the sporty and athletic look in the simple tank top with mesh leggings, and flannel plaid shirts tied to your waist, and the preppy sublimated cap acting as the accessory.

The printed shiny cap

Today, the designers have also brought in the sublimated printed cap, studded with fake diamonds and stones. These go great when you are getting all ready for the parties on weekend. You can simply wear the graphic printed tee, with the leather skirt, and this sublimated shiny baseball cap.

Fascinating weekend errand stance

Embrace a very subtle and casual look for the weekend errand as you wear the oversized graphic tee half tucked into the tight-fitted cotton skirt, and add the baseball printed cap to this for the dash of panache being added to your attire.

Pool parties or traveling?

Be it the summer pool parties or while traveling or trekking, you can simply achieve the most wow-worthy yet peppy look in the tank top worn with the denim or cotton shorts, and add the colorful sublimated cap to this attire, coupled with sneakers. Definitely a very outstanding attire option to end up in!

Wear the shirt like a dress

Today, the most trending style options has been the art of wearing the sleeveless or full sleeve oversized shirts as dresses with sleek belt cinched on the waist. This can be too simple, and for notching this look up, just add the sublimated printed baseball cap for very unique look at the movie dates, or for airport styling too.

sublimated cap

The glam avatar

There are times when parties demand you to wear something very shiny, and for these occasions, you can go for the metallic finished skirts worn with fancy tops. To tone down the look a bit, the casual stance can be added with the use of a colorful printed cap.

The sublimated printing technology has been a blessing, and is not only giving way to the caps, clothes and other accessories, but also has introduced the sublimated flag options for different requirements.

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