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Here’s the Kind of Sublimation Jacket Supplier you need for your Retail Store!

  • oasissublimation
  • July 24, 2018

If you are a jacket retailer who is looking for a sublimation supplier, then you might feel like you are in some kind of fix. However, there is no need to worry, since we are here to help you with it! This blog is going to look into how a supplier could be beneficial for you and what kind of qualities he should have in order to make sure that you keep profiting. Now, let’s take a look –

A Variety of Jacket Types

When it comes a jacket supplier, one should always make sure that he has a variety of jacket types. The popular ones that need to be there are bombers, varsity, fitted, rain jacket, and the likes. Only with that kind of variety will your customers feel like they are getting a taste of everything from the pool – and then they can decide which one they want to wear!

Diverse Sublimated Prints

A sublimated jacket supplier comes with diverse prints – from geometric to artistic, patterns to lines, pantheistic to animalistic, and that is the reason why people love the sublimation trend so much. If your jacket supplier cannot manage to feature all of these varieties, then as a retail store you will lag behind and most of the business will go to the competition. Therefore, it is important for you to verify that they not only offer variety in jacket genres, but also in prints and designs – which form the base of sublimated clothing!

Low MOQs

As a retailer, you must have a trial round where you decide whether you want to continue with the supplier further. All of this depends on how much you like the product design, quality, and value for money – not just that, but also how receptive your customers are to the new line. However, if the supplier of sublimation jackets does not have low minimum order quantity, then you will have to invest a larger sum, which could be a problem if the customer reception of the products are not good – because that will incur losses.

But if the supplier does have low MOQ, then your order can be trial and minimal – and once you are satisfied, you can get back to ordering more.

These are the 3 must have qualities for a sublimation jacket supplier – other than that one needs to focus on discounts, bulk order delivery times, expenses, and addition of new products in regular intervals.

If all of these conditions are concurred to then you can definitely choose that jacket supplier over others. Till then, we hope you are able to find your right match for the business – one that is willing to take a growing stance along with their partners and move ahead in the industry!


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