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Important Tips To Maintain Sublimation Hoodies to Ensure Their Longevity

  • oasissublimation
  • October 9, 2018

Do you love your favorite printed hoodie? Then you must be intimated by the thought of missing the prints with regular usage and wash, isn’t it? The fact is, sublimated prints are quite long-lasting, but wearers must follow some important tips to maintain the sublimated clothes. Maintaining them with utmost care is highly essential and can assure you of their longevity easily.

It happens with us that an outfit looks completely different after you take it out of the washing machine. From the shape to the prints, everything looks changed, and we can’t stop being upset about it. If you dread the same with your dye-sublimated printed hoodie, you definitely need to learn the correct hacks to maintain it. To make sure that the colors don’t fade away gradually or the vibrancy is not lost, be a little more careful!

For the colorful and preppy sublimation hoodies, certain laundering instructions must be followed without missing out on anything. Be it the correct technique to wash, dry or to store, here are the maintenance tips that you should be aware of.


The first step of maintaining your sublimated hoodie is to wash it properly, by following the essential tips and hacks. Here are some of them.

Turn the hoodie inside and out before you throw them into the washing machine. This technique will prevent the colors from fading too quickly, and you can enjoy the vivacious prints on the hoodie for a longer time.

Wash colored and white garments separately. When you are washing your printed clothes, make sure you put the similar colored clothes together into the machine. No, just about the colors, it’s also about texture as well. Don’t wash denim or wool with the printed hoodie, as the harsher materials rub against softer ones, and might cause prints to peel off.

The laundry must be done in cold or lukewarm water. Many might think that heat is good, but cold water will do a fine job cleaning your garments and successfully prevent the ink from distilling.

Never use any sort of harsh soap or detergent, rather make use of soft and mild cleaning agents for the sublimated hoodie.

Nor bleach, neither fabric softeners should be used to wash your sublimated hoodie. If done, the look becomes dull.

Once the washing is done, remove the sublimated hoodie from the washer immediately.


Apart from washing them by adopting the correct technique, you should also be able to dry the hoodie properly. Here are the hacks.

Did you know that dryers are terrible for printed or sublimated clothes? They not only shrink garments but can also make a print peel or crack.

Hang your sublimated hoodie in the old fashioned way. You can follow the conventional method of hanging dry on wooden or plastic hangers.

Don’t let the sublimated printed hoodie dry under the direct and harsh ray of sunlight, rather dry it under a cool shade. Strong light and heat are always dangerous for colors.


For storing them, you first need to remind yourself that heat is not good for the sublimated clothes and hence your printed hoodie should come in contact with an iron. If you still want to do that due to too many wrinkles, use the lowest setting and iron the garment turned inside out. The tips for storage are:

  • Dry the hoodie completely before storing it in your closet.
  • Always make sure to store in a dry and cool place.

Thus, read the care instructions mentioned by the sublimated hoodies manufacturers, and maintain them accordingly.


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