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sublimation running shorts

Learn The Style Hacks and Ethics to Sass up Sublimated Running Shorts

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  • May 17, 2017

With summer, women get prepared to show off some more skin, go breeziest, and effortlessly look sexy. The summer jackets replace the coats, the shorts take over the leggings, and bikinis get a place in the closets. From the cut outs to printed clothing pieces, you must alter your notion towards the global fashion scene, and experiment with a wide array of fresh new oodles of fashion statements, that vary from lightweight fabrics to bold prints.

No matter what you have been hooking up to all these years, this year it is time to give up on those uncomfortable and heavy denim cut off with the patterned fitness shorts and printed cotton cut offs. Be it the athletic running shorts or casual cotton shorts, both come with comfortable finesse, and will help you get maximum comfort form quick ventilation, moisture wicking properties and breathability.

Thus, if you are ready to get the fusion of style and comfort through the sublimated running shorts, here are some of the top tips to achieve the best silhouettes.

sublimation shorts

Go for the right fabric

No matter what you are wearing, the cotton shorts or running synthetic shorts in prints make sure to go for the right fabric texture. The texture decides how the prints would actually look on you, as patterned shorts in a bad fabric might make you look laid back with the silhouette of pyjama shorts being delivered. Hence, let the fabrics speak for you.

The detailing must be on point

Again the detailing of the shorts must be kept in mind, and it is better to avoid the ones that come with visible elastic band or drawstrings. These make you look sloppy and make the whole attire inappropriate to be worn in any parties. Thus, go for the ones that come with refined finesse and no visible signs of unkempt detailing.

Be careful while selecting a pattern

The selection of the sublimation prints is basically something very tricky, and hence you should stick to motifs that you can pull off with ease. Hence, go for the florals, abstract, or tribals and other conventional prints, and avoid anything resembling curtains, bed sheets, or nurse’s scrubs.

Fewer pockets are better

For the printed and patterned running and fitness shorts, the pockets make them look drab and banal. The ones that have pockets the additional seams break the pattern of the printed stance, and this leads to a messy patch-work-quilt look. Thus, go for the ones that come with minimal or no pockets at all.

Avoid the cuffs at the hemline

The cuffs at the hemline add to a very messy and undefined finesse, hence it is better to avoid them at the hemline. The patterned shorts with straight hemlines are better as they are smooth, and look polished.

Unsure? Start safe

If you are unsure about wearing this trend initially, you can choose something with understated color or print. Instead of going over the top with some crazy and bizarre motifs, kickstart with safe polkas, florals, stripes or the checks.

Add fewer accessories

Make the sublimation clothing piece be the centre of attraction, and hence go for fewer or minimal use of accessories. It is useless to create visual competition, and hence go undertoned.

For the night outs?

You might think that the printed sublimated shorts are best for day outings, and hence you must know the trick to make them night appropriate too. Go for more saturated colors, black/white, and some smart prints with fancy embellished tops.

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