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sublimation printing capris

Let sublimation printing make capris enticing like never before

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  • March 25, 2016

Can you  imagine fashion without prints? Apart from cuts, colors and style, if something  determines the mood and impact of clothes, then it has to be a good print. There was a time when the global fashion scene only witnessed very minimal patterns and may be duo tone color blocking, but with the advancement of technology , the fashion industry too is opening up a world of endless possibilities. Yes, we are talking about the innovative sublimation printing technology , which is a blessing for all the fashion forward men and women, as they can wrap around new  definitions of styles every time they sport an outfit adorned with sublimated prints.

Now , apart from the  tees or shirts, what if sublimation rendered a new edge to the plain capris?  Girls will definitely love the new collections of sublimated pants and capris in the retail stores, imprinted with ritzy-zesty patterns and motifs. Let the endless myriad hues stocks amaze you, so that you refurbish your wardrobe with a fresh new sparkle. We will get you covered with the recent types of prints which are getting a stylish place on wholesale capri pants crafted by the globally acknowledged designers and manufacturers.

  • Floral accents

    Timeless and versatile, women cannot run away from floral fantasy getting a place on their clothes. Let your capris reflect a completely new stance with sublimation prints , with vibrant color and bold appeal. Inspiring any season easily, the manufacturers are rendering a variety of interpretations through a medley of floral accents from animated flavours, to water-color prints, realistic touch, faded, multicolored, , and many more with their classical touch taking on modern capris to create a very alluring appeal.

    wholesale capri pants
    Sublimated Capri Pant
  • Abstract aura

    Without any particular shape or pattern, the abstract prints are creating a huge variety of  themes, from complicated patterns to simple and minimalistic ones . Attached with something mysterious and  unique , these  crazy prints adorned on capris with exceptionally captivating colors look jaw-dropping!

  • Spectacular texts and doodles

    If you are heading to a pool party, let a sublimated capri replace your denim shorts for a while. Apt for the pool party ambiance, bank on a capri with  youthful doodles and text prints embossed all over , reflecting fun and frolic innocent  From text prints, to names or quotes and even some messages, this is the most trending fashion of summer 2016.

  • Splash of colors

    Instead of going for a any definite patterns, the manufacturers are going for eccentric and joyous color combinations , with splash of plush colors , giving a sense of water color images, or blurry representations , and simple color mixing for a lively and cheerful finesse on plain capris.

    wholesale sublimated pants
    Custom Sublimated Pant
  • Scintillating sceneries

    Very illustrative and realistic,  the process of sublimation is giving way to the scope of imprinting the mother nature’s beauty on capris. If you are heading to a beach holiday this summer, go for white capris  designed with prints of sea beaches and palm trees sublimated all over for an appeasing effect.

  • Animal prints

    If you just though that animal prints are limited in range of monochromes , then sublimation printing technique will change your opinion. This technique has given place to colorful skin prints of the animals, and also of the complete versions of them getting a funny yet  novel approach on your capri pants.

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