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Quick Guide: How to Beat High Competition in Sublimated Clothing Market

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  • May 6, 2017

The charm of sublimated apparels is far from over. If anything, given the high-flying demand of these casual and exuberant wears, the competition level that the small businesses have to deal with is immeasurable.

Are you a clothing retailer?

Sure the competition is high in the market. But that doesn’t, however, mean that you must settle for poor sales and meager profit margin. We’re here to help you with a sweet, simple and quick guide.

Here are 5 smart ways to easily beat high competition in the sublimated clothing market:

  • Understand the market trends

Look around carefully and understand the types and varieties of wears that’s trending; and stock only those. Invest time in reading fashion blogs and magazines to get a better sense of the current trends and future predictions. Wholesale accordingly!

  • Be very careful about the quality

Yes, this has been said countless times; but nothing’s enough. At a time when everyone is over-prioritizing the style value of wears, you can easily gain a competitive edge in the market by wholesaling wears that are of high quality. From sublimation jersey and jackets to trousers and shorts, make sure they all vouch maximum comfort.

  • Get away from ‘cheap price’ camp

The idea that customers only want the “cheapest” wears is flawed; there’s only a section who wants that. People who want quality understand that it doesn’t come at cheap. Target these groups. Avoid the camp of businesses that compromise in the quality to offer their collection at cheapest price. Be reasonable in your price and cut a decent profit margin.

  • Leverage on customization option

It’s no surprise that your sale is low if you’re offering the exact same varieties of sublimated socks and more like your competitors. Instead, you should aim to make your collection distinctly appealing. You do this using customization option that top manufacturers offer. Personalize your collection with individual flavors that complements your target audience’s specific needs.

  • Cut back on unnecessary costs

To up your revenue you can either raise the price of your collection or cut back on all the unnecessary costs. We recommend the later one. Be thoughtful when spending on marketing, order fulfillment and on other operations. Here’s a pro trick: Find a top sublimation clothing manufacturer and buy only from them; the top ones offer wears at very affordable price range.

These are 5 smart ways to easily beat the high competition in the sublimated clothing market. Good Luck!!!

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