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Sublimated Polo Tees Are the New Summer Favorite for 2016

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  • July 25, 2016

You are enchanted by the cool and casual aura of the polo shirts. But don’t you wish that there was a little more? The classic polo tees are still hugely popular and give out an air of class and sophistication but sublimated polo shirts are increasingly rising in demand and popularity and style devotees have a great chance of spicing up their fashion sense and wardrobe with this fabulous addition!

Sublimated Polo Shirts Are a Game Changer

Polo shirts are a popular promotional product in addition to being a wardrobe staple among men and women and also an excellent sports t-shirt. The traditional polo tee lends an air of refinement and is used as part of an employee uniform, as golf or sports tee and promotional giveaway product. But with the invention of dye-sublimation printing techniques, sublimated polos are slowly but steadily replacing the classic polo tees because it gives one the opportunity to put more than one logo on the tee or cover the entire t-shirt with any kind of design that one wishes to. It makes polos more fun, casual and versatile and helps to add a pop of color into the wardrobe of the contemporary gents as well as interesting.

The wholesale sublimation printing is on-trend because this novel technique helps in designing and creating polo tees in varied prints, myriad hues and tones, patterns and such other details and the color and print does not fade, crack or chip easily. The resultant garment piece displays crisp and neat design and colors that are bright. As mentioned before, it gives full design freedom with unlimited possibilities. Sports clubs interested in creating a unique team uniform can take full advantage of this printing method, promotional product buyers can create unique polo tees to giveaway at events or trade shows and fashion lovers can flaunt their distinct sense of style by wearing modern-age polo tees that are comfortable as well as exclusively designed.

Polo Shirts are the New Summer Tee

sublimated polos

Due to its versatility to look great with almost any kind of bottom-wear and comfort, polos have become the new summer tee for 2016. It helps men to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and look a class apart from the general followers of fashion in V-neck or crew neck tees in graphic prints. The collars sort of add this charm of distinction. Sublimated polos simply take the love for polos a few notches higher!

Make a huge splash by adding dye-sublimated polo tees to your collection and woo the hearts of your customers!

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