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Sublimation polos shirt

Sublimated Polos: An Interesting Trend for the Fashion Maniacs

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  • August 22, 2016

2016 seems to be the year of crazy, bold and hip fashion trends that is pushing the limits of boldness and encouraging people to wear their hearts on their sleeves, literally! There is a style trend for everyone – from the cheeky, shy to the audacious men and women. The latest creative and mind boggling style to have outrageously spread across all ages and walks of life is the sublimated polo shirts. Sports-persons to celebrities to the fashion addicts, nobody seems to be getting enough of it!

Taking Classiness to a New Level of High

Dye-sublimation printing entered the apparel industry with a lot of huff and puff. Industry experts, at first, waved it off thinking it is just another trend that will blow off its steam after a great season run. But, can they be any more wrong-er? Sublimation printing has not only gripped the clothing industry but it has also forayed into ceramics, glass and everything that you can possibly think of!

As with polo shirts, sublimation has added new life and vigor to the classic polos that were mostly seen worn by sports and fitness fanatics on the field. Sublimated polos are no longer restricted to 150 yards of a cricket-playing field or the golf course, it is definitely going places and fashion addicts are loving it!!

We know for a fact that the polo shirt trend is staying – Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony confirmed that – and sublimation just gave it a new pair of wings to fly!

sublimated polos

Nautical Stripes to Funky Prints: Choose Your Style!

We weren’t joking when we said that there is a polo shirt for everyone! If you like it old-school, there is the single colored polos in varied color palettes but if you would want to get out of your comfort zone and experiment a little, then there is a whole new world waiting for you – from the nautical-prep style featuring solid colored patterns to whacky prints on the back, mostly popularized by the hip-hop artists.

Design Your Own Team Uniform!

The best part about sublimation printing is that it lets you go above and beyond with your imagination. If you have a sports team and want them to look unique, you can get in touch with a reputed manufacturer and get personalized sublimated polo shirts in myriad hues and tones displaying name and number of the players, name of the sponsors, team or club name and any other design element that you would want included. Great for promotional clothing as well…just avoid stuffing though!

Since it is confirmed that the polo trend is here to stay, re-stock your shirt collection with the latest and hottest styles of sublimated polo shirts. Contact prominent manufacturers to acquire bulk sublimation supplies UK at wholesale prices.

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