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Sublimation Clothing – Which Personality Do You Feel Wearing Today?

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  • August 9, 2016

What you wear can influence your thinking and negotiating skills, and even hormone levels and heart rate. – Matthew Hutson

We are all aware of the popular belief that the way we dress speaks volumes about our personality. But this is not longer a belief but a fact. Thanks to numerous scientific studies and research that it can be said for certainty that clothes does play a major role in defining our personality and affecting the way we think and behave. There are some types of clothes that make us feel more confident about ourselves while others that make us feel creative; there are still others that give out the impression that we are rebellious or unique.

Maybe this is the reason why people of all ages and from all walks of life has taken a keen interest in the sublimation clothing trend that started creating waves in the fashion industry since the latter part of 2015. The cutting-edge dye-sublimation printing technique allows for infinite design possibilities and that seems to have appealed to the fashion devotees. Earlier marked as a trend only for the extroverts and outgoing individuals due to the heavy use of vibrant colors, bold prints and patterns but today even shy, introverts are leaning towards this style to express their innate feelings.

The World of Sports Thanks the Invention of Dye-sublimation Too!

sublimation clothing

If you thought that sublimation apparel only stirred up the fashion world and was fit for the rogues and fashion-conscious individuals, then you cannot be more farther away from reality. Dye-sublimation works excellently on polyester or polyester-blend fabric and that has given it wonderful leverage to build inroads into the sports clothing industry.

Going by what scientific studies has proved about the connection between confidence and clothes, well-designed, good-looking sportswear makes a huge difference to the performance of the athletes and it pushes them to perform better by alleviating their level of confidence. When the players knows that they are looking great, that is one thing less that they have to worry about when out on the field faced by a tough opponent!

Opportunity to Showcase Creativity and Distinct Personalities

No two people are alike and we are all unique in our own special little ways. Sublimation t shirts allow one to wear what they are and flaunt it to the whole world to see. If someone loves nature, they can wear tees featuring floral or anything abstract in green or someone who enjoys listening to psychedelic music can flaunt his or her love by donning a crazy-looking t-shirt displaying quirky prints that would instantly send someone in a mode of trance. Those who are soft-spoken, can exhibit their nature through soft, subdued colors and so on.

sublimation t shirts

The kind of clothes we wear has a deeper binding on your entire existence that probably what we can imagine. Sublimation clothing is a trend that has tried to delve deeper into the psyche of style fanatics and bring out the different layers of personalities that exist deep within us. If you are a retailer, stock up on some kickass-looking sublimation apparel and expand your customer base!

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