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Sublimation Vs Screen Printing: The Competitors of Printing in Clothing Industry

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  • August 16, 2017

The clothing industry is progressing to offer the most fashionable range of outfits and accessories to style-conscious men and women. From the methodologies to the color schemes, and cuts to the styles, everything keeps changing and this proves how dynamic this fashion world is. Everything happens to surprise the fashionable crowd, and let them dress up in the most appealing avatars.

Prints and patterns have always been an integral part of the fashion scene and from the graphic embossments on the tees to the full-fledged florals on dresses, printed wear always carries a craze that is irreplaceable. From the old classic times to today’s contemporary edge, if one thing has survived in this world of glamour, then it has to be the printed clothing range, for men and women.

Now, the two main procedures of clothing printing technology range from dye sublimation to screen printing, and both of them are equally present today. Though sublimation is gaining momentum for being new and cutting edge, here are some of the pointers that define their competition well. There are intricate differences in how such designs are applied, that cannot be understood by the naked eye.

Their Mode of Application

  1. The dye-sublimation process involves printing a pattern or an image on fabric by intermixing 4 primary colors (CMYK) to color the whole fabrication. The method is initiated with the white-colored fabric as the color of the background is dyed in the printing process.
  2. The screen printing technology is a design or print that is always applied on the top of the fabric, and the fabric color can be any shade, not only white.

The Proper Usage of Heat and Ink

  1. The process of dye sublimation engages the use of special heat-sensitive dyes and polyester, polymer, or polymer-coated fabrics.
  2. The screen printing methodology always makes sure to mix the ink to get the desired color before applying it to the project.

The Colouring Process

  1. When it comes to technologically advanced dye sublimation printing, it only dyes the fabric. Thus, this only requires to be applied on white fabric.
  2. In the case of screen printing, this technology layers the fabric. You get the flexibility here to be applied on any colored fabric.

Which Fabric Suits?

  1. Dye-sublimation is done on Polyester or Polymer fabrics and hence is limited to synthetic materials, like gym and sportswear.
  2. Screen Printing can be done on both natural and synthetic materials and this enhances its application.

Durability Differs

  1. The durability of the printing technologies differs, and this depends on the mode of operation. Dye-sublimation does not crack, because it is completely absorbed into the fabric during the dying process and hence this has a longer lifeline.
  2. On the other hand, screen printing will crack with age since most of the ink is not absorbed by the fabric and dries on top of the material. This makes it more vulnerable to damage and distortion.

Thus, dye sublimation is more in rage today for giving detailed impressions, and better use of colors. This has been adopted in large by manufacturers and designers for being easy as a methodology and giving way to a range of realistic and vibrant patterns that work effortlessly. Thus, dye sublimation has emerged as a blessing for the clothing industry, and gives way to more durable and appealing clothes.

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