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Summer Is The Time To Update Your Closet With Newest Sublimated Swimwear Styles

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  • February 14, 2018

Is beach the happy place for summers? Then it is time to pack your bag for an exotic beach vacation, as this year has welcomed summer already. Well, if you also believe in the saying that “sun’s out gun’s out”, you also have to make sure that you flaunt your toned body perfectly, and in a classy and appealing way for the beach outings this year. Stop wearing the same old tank tops with shorts, as it is time to revamp your style statement for summer beach fashion in the easy breezy bikinis and swimsuits. These can not only feel comfortable, but also help you show off your body assets in the loveliest and smart way possible.

Today, instead of going for the monochromatic swimsuits and bikinis, you should try something different with the printed sublimated ones that are made from high- end sublimation printing technology. This advanced procedure made it possible for the clothing brands to introduce the printed swimsuits with more realistic patterns and wider use of colors, to make things brighter and better.

If you are looking forward to wear the swimsuits this beach vacation in summer, here are some of the sublimated swimwear styles you should choose.

The One Piece Side Design

The latest trend for wearing swimwear and bikini in bright prints would be the ones with one sided designs. This is basically the printed monokini with one side seams, which use different types of elements, ranging from lace to rings, embellishments, wrap designs and much more. If you are not comfortable with the two piece swimsuits or bikinis, you can choose the innovative one side designed monokini.

Fusion Of Halter And Sports Bra Style

The swimsuit trends have become a part of the mainstream fashion scene, and come in a wide array of styles today. If you are comfortable with skin show, you can deliver a very sexy look at the beach vacation wearing the one that exudes fusion of sports bra and halter top trend. Look more dressed up in the printed swimsuit that comes with sleeves which are ruffled and off-the-shoulder, or full-shoulder caps.

New Fabrics To Emboss The Prints

Today, no more are the sublimated swimsuits limited only to the synthetic bikinis and monokini. You can go for more options that come in different fabric options: Crochet, velvet, and denim are the most popular choices. The lace options and shimmering leather looks are also quite innovative this year.

Bright Rainbow Stripes

The retro looks are back for beach fashion too, and you can settle down for the colorfully striped swimsuits made of sublimation printing procedure. The explosion of a burst of colors through the striped swimsuits is definitely creating a buzz this year.

One Piece With One Strap

Be it in different zesty prints or color blocking designs, the printed one piece bikinis with one strap styles are very sexy, unique and highly trendy. These criss-cross six-piece swimsuits are not only great beach outfits but can also be worn like bodysuits for the late night parties or dinner dates at the beach.

The Minimalistic Bralettes

The minimalistic bralettes have made a swift entry into the family of the swimsuits and can be worn for the beach vacations. These come with the most vibrant and brightest range of motifs, and prints using the sublimation process.

Thus, apart from your usual sublimation clothes, it is time to add the sublimated swimsuits to your closet, too.

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