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The Many Textiles That Go Into Dye Sublimation….

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  • October 25, 2020

A U.S.-based multinational sublimation clothing manufacturer in Chicago has launched a new collection of materials for dye-sub printing in particular. They provide a wide variety of dye sub-performance textiles that are specifically engineered to produce outstanding results by using dye sub-transfer technology.

The method of dye-sublimation dyes the image directly to the cloth. A digital image is made and stamped on special paper utilizing special colors in the dye sub-transfer process. This paper is put on top of the cloth and then hot-pressed. The stable particles of the pigment are turned into a gaseous form to merge with the polymers of the cloth. This helps in the transition of the colors back to the solid form and back to the cloth. This method means that the colors seep into the cloth and that the picture is permanent.

In conventional screen printing, the image is made of dye, which then sticks to the cloth and rests on the surface of the fabric. Dye-sub uses coloring to percolate the garment to make the picture long-lasting. The material itself is unusual, built to make it compliant with dye transfer ink. This makes it a material perfect for printers that use such complex technologies.

The Usefulness Of Sub Performance Textiles For Dyeing

There are multiple kinds of dye sub-performance textiles that are designed specifically for printing utilizing the dye sub-transfer technique.

Triple white: a triple-layer, uncoated, flame-resistant, spun polyester cloth in brilliant white. It is specifically designed to restrict pictures on the printing surface and is designed for printers that need amazing outcomes using dye sub-transfer technology.
Tri poly cloth: is a cloth that is uncoated, fire-resistant, wrinkled, woven backlit polyester material used for front and backlit ads. It is ideally suited for printers requiring high-performance fabrics for the production of dye sublimation. The material is used for posters, interior lighting, exhibition graphics, theatrical show, backlit display cases, etc.

Heavy knit material: uncoated, flame-resistant, wrinkling-resistant, heavy-duty polyester cotton in bright white, specializing in its production and volume. It is also found in applications close to the tri-poly cloth.

Ultra-white block-out cloth: this is a double-sided, flame-resistant, uncoated, bright white cloth with a black block-out coating in the middle. This material is composed of three layers to guarantee that it is not translucent and can be used where the material has to be blocked.

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