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The Power Packed Hoodies of 1980s to Make A Comeback in 2017!

  • oasissublimation
  • February 15, 2017

The style of 1970s becoming a big hit in 2016 was actually overplayed. It is the new found love affair that the fashion industry has with bringing the major style of the power eras back. Enthusiasts from around the world are fascinated with bringing some particular trends back and it has gained momentum over the last few seasons.

Out of all the clothing pieces that were introduced back, with significant tweaks, hoodies had a major feature in the collections of the top echelon of fashion industry. There is no denying the fact that the outerwear is for all seasons and are extremely comfortable to wear, making them a popular choice. Thus, focusing on the history of hoodies along with some major style trends that can be incorporated with them read on and find out more about the same.

The history of hoodies

Sweatshirts with hoods came to known as hoodies when they were first introduced in the 1970s. Though a record of wearing hooded shirts can be traced back to the medieval period when monks would use a cowl to cover their heads. The trend was picked in the 80s as a part of a fashion collection. People soon realised that these hooded shirts were extremely practical. Unlike other outerwear, these were not limited to a particular season and contributed amply to the appearance of a person wearing it.

From their inception days, hoodies were highly associated with the sub-culture genre of hipsters and punks. However, their comfort broke all boundaries and they made their way into the mainstream fashion circuit. Famous Hollywood stars started sporting them, thus elevating their status in the eyes of the mass.

Soon after this, towards the end of the 80s era, when other power packed clothes like bomber jackets and tracksuits were winning the style game, hoodies subtly were being worn by sports people and athletes. This gave a new turn to their history and began an association that has exists even today.

Further down the line, these comfortable clothes had to endure a lot of unwanted tweaks which caused a downfall in their destiny, making them skip minds of even those who were once obsessed with it. But a few seasons back, some enthusiasts brought them back from the long exile, in their original form, making them a staple once again.

sublimated hoodie

The major trends to follow

Wholesale sublimation hoodies or the simple ones as available with many manufacturers are designed to satisfy customers from both mainstream and sub-culture. Sublimated hoodies have become very popular for they are trendy and elegant. The versatility with which they are crafted helps them to blend well with most outfits. From pairing them with a t-shirt and track pants when going for a run or teaming them with a pair of shorts and slogan t-shirt while hanging out with friends, the hoodies are a winner for all. They serve the perfect background to all clothing, humbly fulfilling their responsibilities while letting others shine.

Thus, it makes sense, that hoodies are more important than they appear. Wholesale sublimated hoodies are the one trend you are supposed to look for. They are available in an array of shades and textures which amplifies the overall design. they can be bought in bulk from prominent manufacturers at discounted rates by all retailers and store owners.

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