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Things That Will Make Or Break Your Sublimation Clothing Business!

  • oasissublimation
  • September 30, 2020

Sublimation printing is a common method to print high-quality photographs on a wide variety of items and fabrics. It provides an image print that is as transparent as the data source, with hardly any loss of resolution. Things written in this manner have been able to retain their consistency for several years.

The Pros And Cons Of Oasis Sublimation

What Are The Pros?

The most enticing advantage when it comes to this approach is the absolute flexibility you have in your layouts, which is not often provided by other approaches.

You can go as wild as you want on one side of the continuum. Why don’t you print up an entire t-shirt that looks like a taco? Or a kitty flying around (masterfully printed) the galaxy background?

You may even want to keep it real with a shot of a popular skyline or scenery. The options are almost infinite, but you’ll come crawling back for more.

The durability of the product is a bonus, for a product that doesn’t break, fade, or peel. And after running to the washing machine numerous times, your clothing will never be eliminated from the back of your closet!

Sublimation printing is ideal for limited batch orders, seam-to-seam patterns, and fabrics with a broad variety of pattern combinations and implementations.

What Are The Cons?

Much of the Cons rested with the choice of fabrics. Sublimation printing is only appropriate for apparel that uses polyester (100 percent polyester or polyester blend).

While sublimation is feasible on other fabrics such as cotton, the picture would not be lasting as it is on the ‘man-made’ cloth and is not advised.

If uk clothing wholesalers were to go for a distressed/vintage look that’s all the new rage now, picking a material with a smaller percentage of polyester in it will give you the look.

Another possible issue to look out for is white wrinkling. Sublimation works by painting a pattern in white fabric because where there are parts of clothes that are unaffected by the template, they will remain white. This may be due to unintended folding or small quantities of moisture deposited on the transfer surface.

For the newest sublimation printing dallas clothing, business owners and retailers need to contact the most popular manufacturer in the industry and spell out their bulk order to the support team. The team will assist you.

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