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This FIFA World Cup Year Get Your Sublimated Flags and Shorts Customized

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  • May 25, 2018

The season of the FIFA World Cup is here and fans all around the world are gearing up to make sure that the whole event is as gala as it always has been and celebrates the beautiful game like never before. And for the fans out there, there is no better show of loyalty than getting flags and shorts in solidarity with your country or your favorite team.

Retailers and distributors around the world are gearing up to get the best collection of flags and shorts and this article is here to tell them how and why they should get their collection custom sublimated from manufacturers, just so they can capitalize on the market, better than ever before.

1. How to get it sublimated customized?

Getting in touch with any sublimation manufacturer can do the job pretty well. All the retailer or distributor has to do is find out the kind of unique national designs that they want to see on their shorts and flags and that is it. They will have to send their designs to the manufacturer, who will then revert with a concept of how the design and has incorporated and if it is finalized and approved, then the order starts getting processed.

However, one should be wary of the kind of manufacturer they choose when they order wholesale sublimated shorts and flags. Sublimation dye is not an easy process and a producer needs technical expertise and infrastructure to get the best out of a design and do justice to it. While there are too many who are already claiming themselves as manufacturer, one should always check reviews or testimonials, just to be absolutely sure that the company they are investing in is actually worth it.

2. Why to get them sublimated customized?

This is the second part of the process which tells you why you should get your flag and shorts customize made by a sublimation manufacturer. However, before going into the main reasons, here are a few things that one needs to understand about the process itself. In physics, sublimation means the change of form of matter from the 1st level to the 3rd. This literally translates to matter becoming gas from solid.

This is exactly how manufacturers make sublimated flags and shorts as well. The color is made to turn into solid from its gaseous state and that helps them spread and get absorbed better into the fabric, giving an almost indelible print that holds on to its color quality without fading. Mostly used on microfiber clothing, this form of dyeing creates some of the impressionable designs there is. Now that you have a fair idea of what the process entails, let’s take a look at why sublimation dye should be your choice for FIFA national shorts and flags –

A. Better Color Rendition

Colors just look far better and truer, taking aside any chance of it to actually look cracked and feel like it has been it has been instant printed using bad quality colors and tech. And that is not the look your customers are going to like for sure.

B. More flexibility when it comes to design

Because of the unique way in which the whole process goes about, there is more flexibility in design as more complicated ones are easily accessible, since one doesn’t need to go into the time consuming printing way. So, you can get into the best designs and have a lot of variety for your customers this World Cup season.

Now that you know why and how you should go about customizing your flags and shorts for this football season with a sublimation manufacturer, don’t wait out any longer! Get going right now to capitalize on the buying rush and don’t forget to include the favorite nations.

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