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Three Kinds of Sublimation That You Must Know of

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  • November 29, 2021

A fashion enthusiast must know about the clothes that they wear. Whether you are a sports person or a gym freak, a style icon or a superhero fan, sublimation can satisfy all. Garments made using the sublimation process are nothing but a big hit since the time of their befall.

The material required for the sublimation process is polyester. The colors blend the best when used upon synthetic clothing materials. Hence, these garments are comfortable, lightweight and sweat absorbent to a high extent. These qualities make them perfect for casual wear and workout wear. One among the best sublimated clothing manufactures have appointed designers who are dedicated to make new, innovative designs using this method. Read on to this blog more to find out about the types of sublimation processes that are most commonly carried out in the apparel industry.

The three primary methods

Sublimation is a process by which clothes are dyed and printed with different colors and designs. It involves the infusion of colors into the polyester material, making them long lasting and durable. Here are the three common methods of sublimation used in the clothing world-


  1. Basic sublimation – This includes having basic prints on single or mixed materials. A single graphic or logo can be printed using basic sublimation. No complexities come into view while manufacturing such garments. Multiple color prints are also available in this method of basic sublimation. Be it t-shirts or vests or shorts, basic sublimation is utilized on all sportswear and active wear.
  2. Full sublimation – This is all about sublimating the fabric even before sewing the pieces together. This allows the designs to reach all the places and provide a wholesome look. Especially on jerseys, this is very crucial. Sublimated prints last as long as the clothing material lasts, and there is no change for the graphics to crack or fade away.
  3. Spot sublimation – This includes printing something on a garment over a smaller area.  The maximum area given for sport sublimation varies around 14-16 inches in length and 10-12 inches in breadth. A lot many sport sublimations can be carried out over a complete piece of garment to give a more dynamic look. But the process and the area of the printing spot remain unchanged.

Looking for clothes that are hassle-free and are super freeing to wear? Sublimation garments are just the thing you need. Satisfy your sports and active wear customers by providing them with a collection of sublimated clothes that will catch their attention to adorn their wardrobe with! Get your bulk order from one of the globally renowned sublimation clothing manufacturers and grab the best of deals as soon as possible!

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