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Twist the American culture of hats with sublimated caps in your retail fashion store

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  • December 11, 2015

Historically, hats have been worn to mark social status or military rank. Straw hats have been used and made for hundreds of years by farmers to block the sun all over the globe. Hats have been transformed into Caps and became a common part of American culture through baseball and military use.

As a fashion boutique or a retail store, you should essentially keep caps in your racks to enhance the appearance and style of your customers. With the new trend of sublimation, order for sublimation caps for better popularity of your store.

Types of caps to order

Knowing the types of caps while ordering bulk from the suppliers, you need to be aware of the different caps :

Fitted Sublimated Caps

Measure your customers dome and buy accordingly. Fitted hats are standard baseball caps, made from 6 cloth triangles and topped with a fabric-covered button called squatchee. Yes, remember this while ordering your supplies from the wholesalers.

Sublimated Snapback

Snapbacks got their start in sports during the 1950s but declined as fitted hats became more popular. It wasn’t until the ’80s and ’90s that snapbacks blew up in the hip hop scene and they gained popularity across the hat-wearing world. Snapbacks are high on demand so keeping in stocks would be preferable.

Sublimated Strapback

Strapbacks overlap with traditional 6-panel and 5-panel hats. They are similar to snapbacks, but instead use an adjustable leather or poly band to adjust the head diameter.

Sublimated Trucker

Trucker hats were originally used by truck drivers and farmers, as they were cheap giveaways by agricultural companies and were breathable by nature: good for working outside, which actually translates well to snow and action sports. Truckers are made with mesh and foam instead of the sweat-magnet called cotton and are generally snapbacks.

These caps now are also made with the sublimation process, so get your supplies of wholesale sublimated caps. Satisfy your customers looking for sublimated caps, thus  increasing your sale and gaining publicity.

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