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What You Didn’t Know About Sublimation: The Art Of Sublimation Printing!

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  • October 21, 2022

Do you know what’s sublimation printing? Well, it’s the unique method of printing graphics on sublimated clothes in which there’s no loss of resolution of the printed image and 100% durability of the ink over the years. Any preferred design can be subject to sublimation. Here, we’ve discussed elaborately about the phenomenal concept of sublimation printing. If you’re a business owner, eager to stock up premium sublimated apparel, connect with a famous sublimation wear manufacturer who excels in supplying cool sublimated hoodies, sublimated fishing shirts, tees, leggings, jackets, running shorts and other sublimated outerwear.

How sublimation printing takes place?

First of all, you need an advanced digital printer and sublimation dyes to transfer the desired impression on sublimation transfer sheet. Then, this unique design is transferred to the particular streetwear opted for that’s entirely composed of polyester fabric. After this, the sublimation paper is heated to a temperature between 177 and 200 degrees Celsius with the assistance of a heat press. Following this, the ink gradually changes into gas state as per the law of sublimation and integrates with the clothing fibers.

This occurs as the heat creates openings in the fabric and allows the sublimation dye to be released from the transferring paper. And thus, the inks permeate the material, entering through open pores in gaseous state. Once the heat press is switched off, the pores become closed, the gas becomes solidified and the colors get trapped within the textile. Thus, such a design is formed that won’t easily fade, crack or disappear from the fashion apparel.

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What kinds of printers are suitable for sublimation printing?

Generally, viscose dyes or dyes that are insoluble in water are used in sublimation printers. For this printing process, efficient sublimation printers are needed due to the texture and temperature sensitivity of the ink. Only exclusive water-based inks are appropriate for usual inkjet printers.

How does a sublimation printer operate?

With the help of such a printer, an innovative image produced on a quality paper piece is carefully transferred to a clothing material which is solely woven with polyester fibers or a mix of polyester yarn. Then, heat is used for applying on the ink to combine it with the fabric completely.

Advantages of using sublimation printers

All kinds of motifs, including eye-catching photo motifs can be transferred and printed on various materials easily, flexibly and affordably. Thus, you can opt for sublimation printing process to print intricate patterns or exquisite artwork on your outerwear without any loss of color brilliance. As the pigment is fade-resistant, you’ll find that the hues don’t fade or lose their vibrancy. So, you can wash or rinse them worry-free!

Another benefit of sublimation printing is that these dyes remain unaffected after exposure to harmful environment conditions such as UV rays. Thus, this kind of printing is in great demand for outdoor ventures such as waving sublimated flags, wearing sublimated fishing shirts on trips and other sublimated apparel for doing activities in open air.

As the ink doesn’t close the fabric pores fully, features like breathability make it ideal for sportswear and team jerseys. The zero need for solvents or binding agents makes this type of printing an incredibly eco-friendly process.

How the sublimation procedure functions?

Sublimation printing generally takes aid of heat to properly fuse the pigment with the clothing material. After the design is printed onto special transfer paper, the inks sublimate due to the effect of heat. When the inks get embedded in the fabric, the material gets exceptionally altered, becoming highly durable and absolutely incapable of fading. This doesn’t happen with regular clothes where the standard printing methods allow the dye to lightly sit on top instead of fusing with the fabric. Hence, this digital printing technique forms a full-color, permanent image on your tees, shirts, jerseys, fishing shirts, singlets, socks, sports bras and other outerwear from which those hues won’t wash off, peel, fracture or become dulled out.

Why prefer sublimation to other printing methods?

Application of a design on any clothing piece can happen using various techniques, including screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, transfer vinyl etc. But what makes sublimation an outstanding procedure is that it helps in producing high-quality streetwear that exhibits eye-popping hues and showcase how one-of-a-kind designs or images are permanently transferred onto them at minimal expenses.

This is not the case with screen printing as vast open spaces are needed to place apparatus; proper ventilation is required; and expensive screens and materials are also necessary for this illustration.

Wondering if it’s a good idea to print directly on clothes? Well, you may go for it but let us warn that this procedure requires a high-priced DTG printer that’ll bear you thousands of dollars and also demands super-pricy repairs and maintenance costs.

Distinction between Sublimation, DTG and Screen Printing

Sublimation vs DTG

While sublimation pigments enter the fabric to recolor it from inside till it covers the whole of the outer surface, DTG printing applies color to the garment’s surface from top to bottom. Thus, the chemistry behind these two techniques is strikingly different with sublimation depending on molecular bonding and DTG counting on surface adhesion.

Screen Printing vs Sublimation

Screen printing is usually preferred when a lot of goods are being produced. It’s true that dye sublimation process takes plenty of time but finally, results in production of vibrantly colored outerwear whose hues are bolder and more vivid than those obtained from screen printing. You can use screen printing to print on any type of fabric or clothing piece.

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