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What’s Hot in The Sublimation Fashion Circuit in 2014?

  • oasissublimation
  • October 22, 2014

The world of fashion is full of spunk and is always operating in the dynamic mode! Sublimation clothing has become the staple in the wardrobes of rappers, celebs and their millions of fashion-crazy fans are following the trend with all their heart! Sublimation clothing with its sheer magnificence of various vibrant hues, dyes, and abstract prints has become a hot favorite of many. In 2014, some clothes are doing the rounds, grabbing eyeballs and urging you to let your wardrobe be revamped and reflect the seasonal moods! While talking about the color palette, whether it is neon colors ruling, bold paintbox-bright tones – you can take your pick as per your choice!

“O” neck t-shirts are in!

Whether you want to team up with a pair of jeans or a skin-hugging capri, the O-neck t-shirts in vibrant hues, different shades, subtle shading are a rage among the fashion freaks. So if you have not added on to your collection one such tee, it’s time you check out the last collection of a top manufacturer of sublimation clothing.

Tunic with shark bite hem

The motif can vary from peacock, withered roses; butterfly forest to ancient monuments of faded glory-but the sublimation tops with shark bite hem is just selling like hotcakes! Fashion freaks out there, no matter which fashion trend you follow, if you are all for sublimation clothes, the just roll your eyes over the inventory of top manufacturers.

Colorful Trendy Jogging Pants

When it comes to design, sublimation prints in the jogging pants can vary from zany, eccentric prints to eye-catching graphic ones. If you want to flaunt style while shedding it off in the treadmill after hitting the gym or during the running sessions in the nearby park, let vibrant colors and dazzling sublimation prints enable you to make style statements. With no worries of the prints fading out anytime soon even after repeated washes and the jogging pants helping your skin to breathe free- sublimation clothing has become the norm!


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