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Why Eye-Catching Sublimated Sportswear Are Trending?

  • Oasis Sublimation
  • July 28, 2021

As sublimation printing continues to get recognition for its interesting visual display and uniqueness, its depiction on custom jerseys and muscle tees is also increasing. Sublimation printing when carried out on spandex or polyester fabric does not crack or fade. No wonder sports teams and sports players now prefer this innovative printing method to exhibit their team logo or desired design strikingly!

As a business owner eager to make your sublimated sportswear collection dynamic and color-popping, you must connect with a top-rated sublimation wear manufacturer. The expansive inventory of such a manufacturing unit can lend you fascinating sublimated sportswear, wholesale sublimated t-shirts, sports bra, hoodies and other sublimated clothing.

  • Perfect for expandable fabric

Though poly-performance sportswear can be decorated by various methods, sublimation printing is one of the reliable methods to project its vibrancy. Screen printing and direct printing rely on chemicals called binders to keep the ink onto the fabric, which makes it prone to quick degradation as well as wear and tear. But sublimation printing binds with the molecules of synthetic fiber of sportswear, keeping the eye-popping colors pressed onto the apparel.

Plus, surface-based inks obstruct the ventilation in the fabric, making the sports jersey or t-shirt less comfy. But sportswear fabric colored by sublimation printing does not trap moisturising cells, keeping the garment breezy and fresh. This is expected from sports clothing of superior quality and sublimation printing does exactly this to make any spandex or synthetic material a reliable and visually impressive sportswear.

  • Captivates game spirit in vivid shades and designs

Sublimation printing is an incredible choice for making jerseys, sports bras, muscle tees and tanks more striking and eye-gripping. We all know how effective sportswear is needed for elevating the performance of a player. Sublimated jerseys and other sublimated sports clothing that exhibit bold colors and spectacular designs are sure to make you look and feel more confident on the field.

  • Iconic projection of logos/numbers

Do you know that sublimation printing provides an ideal material for highlighting logos? If not, let us enlighten you that transferring of ink onto a sports performance fabric through heat is excellent for prominent display of team logo or jersey number.

Thus, wearing attractive sublimated sportswear will surely reflect your unique aesthetic flavor. Plus, you will be amazed at how sublimation printing can produce a moisture-wicking jersey or tank that is effective, striking and in one word, phenomenal! Your expandable and breathable sublimated sports apparel will thus, represent an array of bright hues and catchy designs with the guarantee that those vibrant prints will not crack or fade over time.

Being a retailer wanting to expand your sublimated sportswear collection, a tip is for you to tie up with one of the celebrated sublimation t shirt manufacturers. Your newly revamped sublimated sportswear stock from that supplier will surely attract the sports enthusiasts to your store!


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