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Why Sublimation Printing Is More Preferred Than Other Types On Sports Teamwear?

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  • November 24, 2015

Unlike the case was years back, dye  sublimation printing has become very prevalent in all sports teamwear today. One of the biggest reasons why players and management prefer it because this print is of better quality comparatively to flat screen and engraved roller printing; this makes the wear last longer and very comfortable.

Hence, considering its current prevalence, quality, comfort and longevity, small businesses are always advised to buy wholesale sublimated teamwear, and to ignore other prints.

Other prints and misconceptions

There are still some small businesses that root for other print clothes than sublimation; all for wrong reasons though. Other prints like rotary and flat screen prints are comparatively cheaper. Plus their printing process is very quick, allowing manufacturers to produce bulk in very less time.

But the reality is that quick production and cheap cost compromise on the quality of wear. It makes them very uncomfortable and itchy, to say the least. Plus, they have to be get rid of just after few washes.

Where sublimation ace?

Although sublimation is by far the best option, especially for sports uniforms, one area where it edges other types of printing by a large margin is its breathability. To put it subtly, sublimation, also known as heat transfer prints, imprints the color and designs deep in the microfibers of the fabrics, avoiding any extra layer over the wear.

This allows the air to pass through the fabric without any obstructions; making the wear more comfortable and breathable. Plus, washing, as well, becomes very easy.

Sublimation sports uniform

The above mentioned properties of sublimated clothes have made them a favorite of every athlete. Additionally, when wears like sublimated soccer uniforms are processed using dri-fit technology, they not only attain the wicking properties, but also becomes even more comfortable.

So if you are already in this business, or planning to venture in it, make sure you to avoid any other prints and buy only sports sublimated teamwear.

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