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Why The All Over Sublimation Trend is Grabbing Eyeballs

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  • April 6, 2017

The demand for dye-sub apparel is on a rise with inks and equipment needed to carry out the process also surging. The all-over sublimation look is ruling the fashion circuit and when you want to make the most of it, ensure that you choose a sublimation clothing manufacturer who is updated with the trends. The ways to boost the retail stock of the business owners must be paid heed to by the manufacturers and wholesalers.

The two common ways of going the over-all sublimation way

  • Some designers who are crafters of extraordinary designs when it comes to unthinkable designs, bold patterns with the use of vibrant hues- prefer to print first and then go for the cutting and sewing process.
  • The second way is to carry out the dye printing process on the finished garment and this is the way to go as it saves time, money and hard work of the designers.

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The cut and sew process

When it is about catering to the needs of the sports lovers, athletes in form of sports jerseys with the use of solid blocks of bold colors, the cut and sew process is often preferred.

Implementing the sublimation dyeing process on finished garments

This is a faster and more efficient way of playing it up. On a monochromatic base, giving life to the bold design motifs seems to be a plausible idea. For the manufacturers who want to cater to the needs of the business owners, but are thinking twice to invest on the dye printing equipment, can rent or lease those machines. The profit that they are going to make by catering to the bulk needs of the business owners of sublimation clothing will make them to fill the gap of profit. The all-over decking up process of a bodycon dress, a mid-dress, a maxi dress or sublimation t shirts wholesale becomes an easier process. The art that is being conceptualized must have different visions of size as depiction of the art in the right way also depends on how you select the garment. Straight sleeves and hemlines with less of zigzags help!

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