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With Women’s Day Fever Still On, Here Are The Sports Bras You Need!

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  • March 18, 2019

While there has been a mixed reception of the importance of Women’s Day in the feminism camp itself, there is no denying the value of its celebration. It is a day when people voluntarily make the effort to appreciate the women in their life, and to be honest, that fever is still on!

But this day is not just about the other half of the population appreciating. It is also about women making themselves feel their real worth in this world – and that is definitely the kind of positivity all of us need.

However, what has that got anything to do with sports bras?

Well, feminists have for a long time seen the bra as a part of the societal oppression and bondage that has been meted out on women. The sports bra however is not subject to this sort of criticism – for the simple reason that it is in essence a necessity for women who work out.

Also, it does save you from the back injuries that could otherwise be plaguing you! So, in this blog, we are going to give you some sports bra design ideas that will make you feel the independence and blessing of being a woman. Let’s take a look –

1.The all pink sports bra

While color should not be gender stereotyped, there is no denying that the pink has a history with women. It has been used as the color of awareness for various feminine movements, and girls cannot seem to get enough of this color!

In which case, it is but an obvious choice for your sports bra buy during the women’s day fever. Pink sports bras are common with retailers all over and are available in all types including full coverage, racerback, and other designs.

Grab yours from a custom sublimated sports bras retailer now!

2.Sublimated color punch sports bras

Have you ever seen a sports bra and were unable to decide what color it is. Yes, it was splashed with almost all of the imaginable colors, and you definitely thought picking that up would be a innerwear faux pas.

Well not really – not if you can pull it off with the panache of being a woman. This one is different from the rest, and seems a little bit too loud – but isn’t that the point?

To celebrate every quality that the women of this world possess?

3.The front zip sports bra

We get it, everyone has different needs, and you want your zipper in the front. It provides better support for top heavy women and the racerback design can supplement any cause of spinal discomfort without a problem.

So, get out of your shell now and buy it – we are going to celebrate every body type there is, as long as you strive to be a healthy and competent person!

These are our 3 top picks for sports bras with the women’s day fever. So, what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with a retailer and make your buy today!

And if you are a retailer, then pick a manufacturer that can provide you with great quality sublimated sports bras and custom sublimated flags as well!

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