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3 Kinds of Prints You Could Get on Your Custom Sublimated Tee!

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  • June 1, 2018

Sublimated tees offer some of the most innovative designs when it comes to t shirts and a lot of people capitalize on this quality with out-of-the-box customizations. There are plenty of design options that can give your t shirts the trendiest sublimation looks this season, and this blog has listed some of our top picks that you should not miss if you are into sublimated clothing.

All of our custom options can easily be created with the help of sublimated clothing manufacturing companies and they do bring a unique appeal to your whole wardrobe. So, here’s a list of the sublimated shirts and t shirts custom prints that you must have for max trends this season!

Crazy Universe Prints

Crazy universe and galaxy prints are the best when they come in sublimation prints and there is no way you should miss out on it. Be it the constellations of stars or the fabulous whirlwind of galactic shapes on blue and black backgrounds, these can be great ways for you to show your love for the cosmos. And it does not have to be something that is realistic, you could even go for vector prints that play with a dash of colors!

Avengers: Infinity War

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Avengers has always been one hell of a franchise, and things escalated to a different level, ever since infinity War came out. Star studded with A-listers, the infinity war poster is definitely something you should try with a sublimation print and the t shirt is not going to disappoint. From the mighty Thanos in the middle, to all of the other Earth’s mightiest heroes, ready to take a beef with him, the poster (and your t shirt) are what epic stuffs are made of!

Deadpool 2

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Deadpool has been the highest grossing film in the X-men franchise and this season, it is coming back with a bang, which leaves you with the option to own it on your customized sublimated t shirts and you should not miss out on it. The red motif along with the black designs make for a pretty stylish and iconic apparel, something you need to own this season.

Any of these top 3 designs will make for a great sublimation shirt that will add to your already exuberant collection of sublimation clothes. But, if you were to make the best choice, then it would always be making all of the above happen, especially if you are comic and fantasy lover!

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