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3 Reasons Why Sublimated Jerseys are The Best

  • oasissublimation
  • January 8, 2018

We all love sublimated sportswear and jersey? But why is it so? What makes sublimated jerseys so popular and sought after? Why are they treated differently from other regular sportswear? Let us take a look at the few reasons which elucidates the advantages of sublimated jerseys.

The color stays for years

The permanency of sublimated dye ink is truly spectacular. It can last a lifetime. There is a simple reason for the same. The dye ink that is used to complete the print process penetrates the fabric strands and mixes with the composition of the clothes. So as long as the cloth exists, the print does too. This means that the sublimated ink is permanent and keeps maintaining its vibrancy no matter how many times you wear it or wash it. So sublimated jerseys can be worn for years without losing the color or the print.

It is versatile

Another reason for picking a sublimated jersey can be sighted as the versatility it offers. Have you seen those models wear jerseys with casual clothes to get the perfect athleisure feel? Well, it is because the jerseys radiate enough of the versatile feel. When you sublimate sportswear, the vibrancy of the shades used and the subsequent textures they have, makes them ideal for casual occasions as well. Since you can wear them both on and out a field, with the equal panache, further makes them the best pick ever.

They can be customized

You can use your name, or your jersey number or some bold slogan or a nice quirky animation on the sublimated jerseys. Jerseys that are sublimated can be customized to accompany your designs and ideas. Now this feature alone increases their popularity, especially amongst the fashion-forward millennial, who wants their eccentric outlook towards life get captured in the clothes they wear. Since sublimated clothes can be personalized to accommodate the varying needs, they are deemed as one of the best in the vast industry.

So that establishes the fact that sublimated sportswear is actually the best for everyone who loves a bit of both fashion and function. As a retailer, you can get the best-sublimated jerseys for your store collection by simply registering online with the manufacturers of the same. The inventory as displayed by the manufacturers is wide and vast, thus spoiling for a choice. Get discounts and buy sublimated sportswear in bulk.

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