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3 Sublimated T shirts That Every Guy Should Own

  • oasissublimation
  • June 23, 2017

Sublimation has gained popularity due to its immense appeal. The use of vibrant shades and permanent graphics makes it popular amongst the millennial crowd. Since you can incorporate your own design and personalize the t-shirts, it only adds to the practicality and versatility of the clothes. Thus, it only sounds but obvious that they are so sought after by the men. One of the advantages of the sublimated t shirts is that it is available in variations. But which are the variations that you need to have in your wardrobe? How do you style them properly so as to look handsome?

To help you pick and style sublimated t-shirts, here is a list exclusively summarized for you! Keep scrolling down and discover the best of the vast sublimated world.

A striped t-shirt

Since stripe is the latest pattern in the fashion industry that has been hogging attention, sublimating the classic pattern on your t-shirts for a perfectly sober appearance. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, abstract, the list of stripes is long and the process of sublimation doesn’t leave out any. Also, the use of a variety of shades and textures gives the t-shirts an eye-soothing nifty finish. For these particular sublimated t shirts, you can go for a simple juxtaposition. A pair of jeans is the ideal combination. Plimsolls for footwear and a bomber jacket for accessory (only if you want to add some layers), will make flawless accompaniments with the striped sublimated t-shirts.

A funky slogan t-shirt

“I am not great at advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” said one of the most loved fictional character of all time, Chandler Bing. Now having this printed on your t-shirt can be just more than awesome. As sublimation allows you to tweak the graphics and render it a more personal touch, picking your favorite quotes from your beloved TV show or movie can be fun. You can pick a pair of chinos that are well-tailored and loafers to give the look a very sophisticated touch with volumes of quirkiness to compliment.

A t-shirt for the superhero fever

Since Marvel decided to go mainstream with movies as massive as Iron Man’s wealth (fun pun), the superhero fever has been getting to all. Thus having a sublimated t-shirt which features your much loved superhero is more than a necessity. Captain or Thor, Iron Man or Ant-Man, Spidey or Hulk, the options to pick your choice is numerous. Wear this very special t-shirt with a pair of shorts and sneakers for that uber cool spontaneous approach. Also, you can use sunglasses for a conclusive breezy appearance.

So make sublimation t-shirt your staple by getting the one you like the most. Style it appropriately for a definite guise that will get some glances and hearts (for sure!). A number of celebrated manufacturers have an inventory which proudly demonstrates sublimation clothing at its best. Interested retailers can buy them in bulk while securing massive discounts.

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